Thursday, January 27, 2005

News about the upcoming IOMMI/Hughes album

Tony Iommi is said to be making great progress with his new album which features Glenn Hughes on vocals and Kenny Aronoff on drums. They've cut 13 tracks, all produced by Bob Marlette, who worked on Tony's first solo album in 2000 and the Sabbath "Reunion" album in 1998. Compared to the songs on the recently released "The DEP Sessions", the new material is "more riff-oriented," Iommi told Rolling Stone.  He also promised that, like its impromptu predecessor, the songs would "come together very, very quick." The album is now at the mixing stage and discussions are taking place regarding the release date, which will be later this year. Tony is also hoping to be able to take this album out live.


Sweden Rock Festival
9 - 10 - 11 JUNE 2005 SÖLVESBORG

We are proud to present one of the cornerstones of progressive metal - DREAM THEATER. With masterpieces such as "Awake", "Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence" and the latest stuido release "Train Of Thought" they show their outstanding class. They claim they were influenced by bands such as Kansas, Rush and Yes, but have now become a main source of influence of many of today's progressive bands. On the new DVD/CD "Live At Budokan" they once more proove they can live up to their musical Houdini-acts even on stage. A new studio album will hit streets in good time for the festival. You wanted a progressive band - your prayers can hopefully be considered answered!

Confirmed bands so far:

Mötley Crüe (US)
Accept (D)
Saxon (UK)
Kansas (US)
Styx (US)
Blackfoot (US)
Yngwie Malmsteen (S)
Magnum (UK)
Candlemass (S)
Sebastian Bach (US)
Hammerfall (S)
Therion (S)
Vixen (US)
Sonata Arctica (FIN)
Robin Trower (US)
Nazareth (UK)
Shakra (CH)
Hellfueled (S)
Statetrooper (S)
A.C.T (S)
Thyrfing (S)
Force Of Evil (DK)
Morgana Lefay (S)
Satanic Slauter (S)
Symphorce (S)
Crystal Eyes (S)

Visit our homepage for information about how to obtain tickets outside Sweden. Tickets now available online in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, England. Remember that last years festival was sold out 6 weeks before the opening day!

The end of Funeris Nocturnum / start of Atakhma

RIP Funeris Nocturnum 1998 - 2004, a new band: Atakhama
Funeris Nocturnum has been dead and buried since April 2004. Ruho left the band in February and Trmnt.xes in April, and as a result of these line-up changes the remaining four of us pondered the future of the band for a little while. We all came to the conclusion that it would be best to continue with a new name and a new band. We tried and tried, but never seemed to come up with the perfect name for this new band of ours. This has been the sole reason we've sort of continued as Funeris Nocturnum. It
has not been the same band and quite frankly no one really wants it to be, either. Now that we have finally chosen the name for our new band, we can officially lay Funeris Nocturnum to rest - there is no such band anymore. We want to thank all our fans, friends and supporters for the great years. It was fun while it lasted. Thank you all!
- Horgath, ImpresouvenairMort-nérgal, Sin'equamnon, TMON

ATAKHMA to dominate world of extreme metal
Our new band is called Atakhama. We're signed to Woodcut Records and our debut album "Existence Indifferent" should be out soon. It's hard to label our music, but I guess you could call it extreme metal, as we're quite much death metal oriented. No matter what you call it, we're far from Funeris Nocturnum. We've chosen to release the song "Predatory Acts" as an mp3 single. Take a listen at, take another one and wait more crushing extreme metal to dominate your world.

FastLane Records News

ModiFY signs with FastLane Records
FastLane Records are proud to announce the signing of Minnesota natives ModiFY. ModiFY bring to the table, skilled musicianship and a incredible knack for structured, detailed song writing. Formed in 2002, when Bassist Krys Baratto (Samantha 7/Great White) hooked-up with singer/song writer Lance Stevens and drummer Sean Sauder. After a short lived demo deal with Maverick Records, ModiFY (then known as Mars To Mercury) moved onto other various opportunities, which brings us to the present, when FastLane Records received demos from the band and were amazed that the trio from the Midwest  were not already a house-hold name. More details coming soon....

BEATLE-ESQUE'  A Tribute To The Beatles
FastLane Records/CD Smash Records announce 'BEATLE-ESQUE' A Tribute TO The Beatles. For submission criteria, please email: for more information. Deadline for submissions , March 31st.

March 21st release - FINAL FRONTIER "High Tension Wire"

- Final Frontier is a melodic rock band made up of very talented and experienced Canadian musicians. Singer Rob Moratti has made a reputation singing on a band named after his second name (MORATTI) and for his solo projects. Guitarist and producer Mladen played several years with VON GROOVE, Triumph and 24K, while Lawrence Falcomer comes from the band SONIC X.

Michael Shotton (of Von Groove fame) plays drums.   - A pure AOR release made by the book. Catchy refrains, lots of uptempo songs with great hooks, typical 80´s keyboards, splendid harmony vocals in the best possible way and gorgeous songs that would've been huge hits back in the 80´s when music like this ruled the world. A cross between Journey and Styx - pure AOR magic !


- Sound samples:

High Tension Wire

Two Different Worlds

The Beauty and The Beast

Darren Smith Band (Harem Scarem)

As already announced former HAREM SCAREM drummer Darren Smith has finished work on his long awaited solo project. The band will be released under the band name DARREN SMITH BAND feat. Darren Smith (Vocals, Guitars), Mike Hall lead guitar (Killer Dwarfs, Helix), Stan Miczek bass (Honeymoon Suite, SassJordan) and Pat Carrano (Drums). HAREM SCAREM main man Harry Hess has produced the album for Darren, who stands up as a frontman himself for this release. When deciding to forgo
drumming duties, Darren's only choise for the role was friend Pat Carrano, an unseen gem up until this point. The music of DARREN SMITH BAND is described as swinging back to simpler times in Rock 'n' Roll and has stepped outside the trappings of politics and religion. Darren Smith: "Life is about working hard and having fun and my band has embodied these ideals and delivers, to those of us who still look to the easier points of life, a message that will help keep our heads in a world that seems to be crashing in all around us. Music is a lot of things and escape seems the finest of them all." The album is scheduled for March
7th on MTM MUSIC and features two European bonus track.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

JUDAS PRIEST - Angel of Retribution February 28th 2005

Angel of Retribution - Tracklisting

1.Judas Rising
2.Deal With The Devil
4.Worth Fighting For
6.Wheels Of Fire
10.Lochness (...13.29 min.!!)

The definitive lineup of Judas Priest -- vocalist Rob Halford, lead guitarists Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing, bass guitarist Ian Hill and drummer Scott Travis -- returns in 2005 with the astonishing new album 'Angel Of Retribution'. It was worth the wait. More than 30 years after forming in the tough, gritty, English steel town of Birmingham, Judas Priest remains at the forefront of the global heavy metal scene. 'Angel Of Retribution,' which was co-produced by Roy Z and Judas Priest, will be released February 28, 2005, in Europe and March 1, 2005, in North America. This album is the first new music from the quintet in 15 years, and it exceeds all expectations. 'Angel Of Retribution' stands proudly alongside Judas Priest's previous heavy metal milestones like 'Sad Wings Of Destiny,' 'British Steel,' 'Screaming For Vengeance' and 'Painkiller.' Ten new Judas Priest classics make up 'Angel Of Retribution.' Songs include "Judas Rising," "Deal With The Devil," "Revolution," "Worth Fighting For" and "Hellrider." The first radio single is "Revolution." "We've got a lot of energy, we're firing on all cylinders and it's obvious on this album. I think it's the most natural Judas Priest album. A lot of people who have listened to the album have said it's timeless. You couldn't really date it," Tipton says.

Halford says, "We don't have a cut on the record called 'Angel Of Retribution' but what we do have is an amazing piece of artwork that once people see it all the pieces will connect. The artwork really has a way of connecting the past with the present and the future. It's just a great display of the power of Priest as we feel it should be appearing in 2005. Beyond that, I think we live in a time of retribution. I think we live in a time of accountability." The band members knew expectations were high, but they weren't fazed by it and they did not allow that pressure to affect the way they wrote and recorded 'Angel Of Retribution.' They worked exactly the same way they did in the past."I think that pressure is not a bad thing, really, because it just pushes you and forces you to do your best," says Downing.

The foundation for 'Angel Of Retribution' was laid in 2003 when Halford returned to Judas Priest after nearly 12 years away. After rekindling their friendship over the previous couple of years, the band members worked together to assemble Sony Music/Legacy Recordings' career-spanning box set 'Metalogy.' Not only that, they realized that the only way to slake their creative thirst was to reunite permanently. Judas Priest was eager to make new music together, but first the members decided to go on tour and remind fans around the world -- and themselves -- just what heavy metal had been missing for more than a decade. "I think the remarkable thing that's happened in these last few months of being back in each other's lives is as if the time we were apart had not taken place. That decade that we were out of each other's company just seems to have vanished in smoke," says Halford. "When we got together to begin writing the new material for 'Angel Of Retribution,' it was really a continuation of where we would have been had we made the next record after 'Painkiller.' All the pieces were already in place."

"I have to say that I never thought I would ever be here, all these years on, doing what we do now. In some ways it seems like a brand new start for us," says Downing. "We're really looking forward to the future. We're back at full strength and having a lot of fun." By summer 2004, the bulk of 'Angel Of Retribution' was completed and 'Metalogy' was released to critical acclaim and strong sales. Judas Priest returned to the stage with several triumphant concerts in Europe and then stormed through North America with headline-grabbing performances on the Ozzfest tour and select headlining shows. Downing says that first live performance in Hannover, Germany, was a crucial step in finalizing the reunion. "It was the one thing that had to happen to really cement us back together. We'd done some songwriting, we'd done some recording, we'd had a few drinks together, but actually putting on the leather and studs and going out there and doing that first performance was something that needed to be done," says Downing.

Heavy metal fans had been clamouring for a Judas Priest reunion from the moment Halford left. Quite simply, the band is responsible for creating the sound of pure heavy metal. Countless others have received credit for providing the sonic groundwork, but only Judas Priest had the vision and willpower to forge a new style of rock 'n' roll and thus influence every single disciple to follow. What made Judas Priest stand out in addition to the raw power of Halford's voice and the dual-guitar attack of Tipton and Downing was the quality of the songs; they were rife with instantly memorable melodies and hooks. Judas Priest also invented the look of heavy metal; any combination of leather, studs, chains and denim is a uniform worn proudly by heavy metal fans all over the world, and they got it from Judas Priest.

"The reunification of Priest is part of the love affair we've had with our fans around the world for countless decades from the past to the present time. All different generations love Judas Priest. We represent heavy metal music. We're very proud to be the leaders of this force, this genre of rock 'n' roll called heavy metal," Halford says. "We're just so re-energized now. We're so glad to be back together again, and to get that power from the fans -- that passion, that love of the band, that driving force. We are here because the fans want us to be here. Without the fans that support Judas Priest, we don't mean anything."
'Angel Of Retribution' is just the beginning of Judas Priest's rebirth. "I really feel that 'Angel Of Retribution' is going to be viewed years from now as an absolute classic metal masterpiece. I think what we've created on 'Angel Of Retribution,' and what we create from this point on, will be the absolute pinnacle of our ability as writers. It achieves a new level," Halford says. "Everything that we do is from the gut. It's very real. We feel that we have something special here."

Friday, January 21, 2005

Talisman, Glenn Hughes, Khymera - News

Sweden has been one of the countries bringing some of the finest sounds in Hard Rock and Metal music during the past 25 years. Melodies, great lyrics and catchy hooks are the most significant trademarks which have established the "Swedish sound" as a special brand within the musical world. It's no surprise that Talisman in their now 15 years long spinning career have built up their own unique identity, which throughout the years has turned them into one of the most admired bands by hard rock fans all over the world. Hence the time for an overdue celebration comes on March 21st 2005 when Frontiers Records will unleash on the market a double live CD and DVD package encompassing all the adrenaline, excitement and fun surrounding the life and the shows of one of the most successful hard rock bands around.

"The idea of this DVD got started by a simple request from Luk De Roover the Lokerse Feesten promoter", says Talisman bass player Marcel Jacob, "to come do a concert at the festival, where the added incentive was we would receive a beta of the show. Along the way to Lokeren things got added to the big plan - other shows, old videos, bits and pieces from the past and present - making it a sort of documentary in brief of the 15 years or so the band has existed". Two complete shows recorded in the 2003 tour in support of the last studio album "Cats and Dogs" and a complete retrospective featuring behind the scenes footage, all the band's videos and more live recording from different times make "World's Best Kept Secret" double DVD a valuable addition to the fans collections and a first class audiovisual entertainment! The double DVD will be released worldwide in NTSC Region Free format on Frontiers Records while the release in Japan will be handled via Demolition Records. In addition to the DVD Talisman presents a double live cd recording "Five Men Live" including the two full live performances held at the Sweden Rock Festival and at the Club Mondo gigs in the summer 2003.

Monday 24th 2005 marks the official release date in Europe of Glenn Hughes new album "Soul Mover". The album received a very warm response from the whole press and marks a strong return on the spotlight for the "Voice of Rock", thanks also to the participation of the modern rock gods Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Dave Navarro (Jane's Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers) to the recording of the album. At the same time Glenn Hughes is pleased to present the European Soul Mover Tour 2005!

Dates confirmed so far include:

February 2005
11 JB's, Dudley, England
12 Rio's, Bradford, England
13 Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Scotland
15 Mean Fiddler, London, England
16 Waterfront, Norwich, England
17 Leadmill, Sheffield, England
19 Roadmender, Northampton, England
21 Västerås, Prisma, Sweden
23 Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland
25 Stockholm, Mondo, Sweden
26 Karlskrona, Kino, Sweden
27 Gothenburg, Musikens Hus, Sweden

March 2005
01 Malmo, Kulturbolaget, Sweden
02 Pompehuset, Copenhagen, Denmark
03 Faust, Hannover, Germany
04 Zeche, Bochum, Germany
06 Krone Music Club, Frankenthal, Germany
07 Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland
08 Alte Maelzerei, Regensburg, Germany
10 KD Serikova, Plzen, Czech Republic
12 Golem Club, Zlin, Czech Republic
13 A-38, Budapest, Hungary
16 The New Age Club, Roncade (Venice), Italy
18 Transilvania Live, Milan, Italy
19 Ravenna, Italy [TBC]
20 Alpheus, Rome, Italy
24 Pavilion Music Hall, Nicosia, Cyprus
25 Notos Club, Pafos, Cyprus

April 2005
01 Saklikent, Ankara, Turkey [TBC]
02 Yeni Melek Gosteri Merkezi, Istanbul, Turkey [TBC]

Producer Daniele Liverani has completed the recording of the basic tracks of the new Khymera project album to be entitled "A New Promise". Dennis Ward (producer and bass player of Pink Cream 69) is now recording the vocal tracks in Germany for this highly anticipated new AOR release. With this new Khymera album, Daniele is going to introduce the world an incredible guitar talent that he discovered lately: Tommy Ermolli ( He joined the Khymera team and recorded all the guitar tracks for this second album. Daniele has recorded keyboards and bass this time while  drums were performed once again by Dario Ciccioni (Genius). Liverani says: "Tommy will be a huge surprise for all the rock music lovers, not only for his top technique level, but especially for his unbelievable musical maturity, powerful tone, great feeling and melodic style... incredible qualities considering his young age... (he's only 16 years old!)". "This is why" adds Liverani, "I definitely wanted him to join the Khymera lineup to show the world all his potential in this new release!"

Thursday, January 20, 2005


19th january 2005 Spearfish finished recordings of new CD
11 new songs are delivered to Lion Music to be mastered. The recordings went very well and the CD sounds great. "The best we have done" the boys in the band says. On this CD Spearfish have let a couple of new lyrics writers in, and also, Peter has been more involved in writing music from the start than before. The boys acts at their best performance and hopefully the CD will be released sometime this spring. The final release date will be announced a.s.a.p. Check it out:


DARE live CD and on DVD:
DARE performed an unforgettable live show at the DEEP IMPACT Open Air in Munich 2004. MTM MUSIC filmed the show which is currently authored and edited and features songs from the latest album "Beneath The Shining Water", "Belief" and of course some older material from "Blood From Stone". The concert will be available in a live CD version and on a DVD. More details soon.

FATE "Scratch'N Sniff" re-released on MTM CLASSIX:
Before FATE is returning with a brandnew album we are re-releasing "Scratch'N Sniff". After the re-release of the long time ago sold out debut album "A Matter Of Attitude" and the first live performance after a long time on the DEEP IMPACT Open Air festival in Munich MTM CLASSIX is re-releasing "Scratch'n Sniff" remastered and with two unreleased bonus tracks. Fans are waiting for a glorious comeback!

Brain Surgeons (ex-Blue Oyster Cult, Manowar) in Europe

The Brain Surgeons, the critically acclaimed NYC collaboration between Blue Oyster Cult founder Albert Bouchard and Ross the Boss (Manowar) begin a European tour in London 2/11. The Brain Surgeons’ compilation, Black Hearts of Soul, anthologizing the band’s first decade was released by the Paris-based Bad Reputation label in October. They recently finished tracking a new studio album .

2/ 11 London, England 100 Club
2/14 Paris, France@Glazart
2/ 16 Aschaffenburg, Germany @ Colos Saal
2/ 17 Stuttgart-Leonberg, Germany @ Uhlenspiege
2/ 18 Soest, Germany @ Sonic
2/ 19 TBA
2/ 20 Ingolstadt, Germany@ Eiskeller

Wednesday, January 19, 2005



- Additionally to the regular release-date February, the 7th 2005,
the new
DOMAIN-album "Last Days Of Utopia" will be in advance booking from
now on.
The fan will be able to decide if he would like to take the regular
in jewel case or the up to 4.000 copies worldwide Limited 2-CD-
Edition with
an additional video-clip of the single "Endless Rain", 2 Bonustracks,
Non-Epic-Remixes, Poster, Sticker, Wallpapers, Winamp-Skins and
liner notes.

Both editions will be sold with the same price and will be signed by
whole band when desired. To order the records, simply go to the
at or send a mail to


-At February, the 12th 2005 DOMAIN will celebrate their release-party
at the
Headbangers Ballroom / Hamburg (
will perform live and will play some very special songs, which have
been played live before. Everybody is invited.

- At February, the 19th 2005 DOMAIN will play at the Metal-Forever-
( together with Chinchilla,
U.D.O., Holy
Moses, Rebellion, Destruction, Primal Fear und Saxon to favour the
of the flood-disaster.

The Lizards Open For Glenn Hughes

Classic hard rockers The Lizards feat. Bobby Rondinelli (BOC/Rainbow/Sabbath) and Mike DiMeo (Riot) will be opening for Glenn Hughes on his winter European tour. The Lizards/Glenn Hughes will be playing six dates in the UK:

Feb. 11, 2005 - JB's, Dudley
Feb. 12, 2005 - Rio's, Bradford
Feb. 15, 2005 - Mean Fiddler, London
Feb. 16, 2005 - Waterfront, Norwich
Feb. 17, 2005 - Leadmill, Sheffield
Feb. 19, 2005 - Roadmender, Northampton

The Lizards will be performing selections from their latest critically acclaimed CD release "Cold Blooded Kings." For more info:

Power Quest - Magic Never Dies!?

Majestic Rock records are incredibly proud to be able to announce to the world the signing of multi-national melodic power rockers Power Quest to their ever-growing family of artists. The deal covers the release of their forthcoming album 'Magic Never Dies' - the follow up to their successful sophomore effort 'Neverworld' album - in Europe. The band return to Thin Ice studios next week to continuing work on the record, which is again being produced by Threshold's guitarist Karl Groom. The band's keyboardist and main songwriter Steve Williams had this to say on the subject: "We are very excited about signing with Majestic Rock and look forward to a successful working relationship over the months and years to come. We were impressed with the labels enthusiasm and vision for the band and we look forward to returning to the studio next week"

Majestic Rock a&r man Geoff Gillespie adds:"What excites us so much about Power Quest is the band's total devotion to their songs. As well as being exemplarity musicians, they know how to write great tunes, and without that you have nothing. This is what sets them apart from their contemporaries - there's a maturity that many of the bands working in this area lack. Trust us, 'Magic Never Dies' will be something very special indeed"

'Magic Never Dies' is released in Europe on June 6th. 


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

BLACK MAJESTY press release

Aussie melodic power metal band BLACK MAJESTY have announced that Silent Company will be the title for the band's second album. The guys began recording the album last November in Germany with Piet Sielck of Iron Savior and will complete the album in Australia with Endel Rivers who produced Black Majesty's acclaimed debut "Sands of Time". Black Majesty are looking
at a mid 2005 release through their European label - Limb Music Products .Artwork will again be handled by Dirk Illing.

News Press - My Sixth Shadow

The long awaited new album of My Sixth Shadow, "Lovefading Innocence" will be released on 31 of January 2005 by Watch Me Fall Records. A Passionate & Romantic Mix of Dark Emotions & Atmospheres. Deathrock & darkwave colliding with modern heavy metal influences, electro sounds and gothic/punk attitude. The full lenght, marketed worldwide by Masterpiece distribution, will be
also available on the Masterpiece mail-order catalogue and on the official My Sixth Shadow web store. A promotional tour will follow in spring 2005 to promote the release.

Lovefading Innocence tracklist:

01 - Useless
02 - Lonely Darkest Days
03 - So Far
04 - As You Hurt Me
05 - Shadows In My Love
06 - Forever
07 - Broken Mirror
08 - Hate Loving Heart
09 - Invite The Poison
10 - Complete
11 - Crushed
12 - Shades Of Grey
13 - With Or Without You (Cover Of U2)

STARBREAKER IS COMING... March 21st 2005 !!!!

"Paradise is waiting, for the chosen few...": the Judas Priest song "Starbreaker" seems like the perfect introduction to the new sensational band fronted by TNT vocalist Tony Harnell, who recruited some of the hottest musicians around to build up the perfect contemporary melodic metal machine! Most fans of melodic hard rock are aware of Tony's credentials as the front man in TNT, Westworld and Morning Wood to name a few. An original voice with an extraordinary range and an emotional delivery that can blow your head off as easily as it can melt your heart. He uses all of it and more with STARBREAKER! Magnus Karlsson is the Swedish guitar master who revealed himself on three Last Tribe studio albums and most recently penning the songs and performing on the massive Lande / Allen studio project to be released later in 2005 on Frontiers Records.

Fabrizio Grossi is one of the busiest producers in the rock world nowadays. He has recently worked with the likes of Glenn Hughes/Chad Smith and Dave Navarro, House of Lords, Slash, Ice T / Body Count, George Clinton / P-Funk and played bass with a countless number of artists spanning from Steve Vai to Nina Hagen. He lives in Los Angeles, he's a 100% Italian pulsating rhythm machine who creates a perfect team with fellow John Macaluso. He's one of the most seasoned drummers and musicians who worked already with Harnell being part of TNT's line-up on the "Realized Fantasies" album in 1992. Since then he has worked with plenty of artists and bands including Riot, Yngwie Malmsteen and Ark. "Starbreaker", the self titled debut album is finally ready to unleash itself on an unsuspecting public on March 21st 2005 on Frontiers Records with a Japanese release on King Records. You have never heard Harnell singing so heavy and aggressive, still the album is a melodic metal milestone that encompasses passionate thought provoking lyrics and intricate yet dynamic musical landscapes. This album is going to appeal to fans of classic Judas Priest and Queensryche and of course TNT as well.

Singer Tony Harnell admits: "I am convinced that this album will turn heads, shatter ears and crush hearts. This is probably the most special thing I have been involved with for years" continues Harnell, "it is a blend of traditional and contemporary hard rock/metal that has never been done like this before. It's heavy, epic, majestic and hugely melodic. I am a big fan of this music, this is an album I would probably buy myself!". Producer and bandmate Fabrizio Grossi adds: "Tony and John  were cornerstones in my shaping up and the "swede" was a great icing on this cake. I enjoyed doing this like I only  did when I was 20 and not really making a living with music. I really hope this will inspire lots of people out there as much as it did to me and if this will be the last work I 'd do as a musician in a band effort, I could definitely die happy !!!!"

Check out now the first mp3 sample of "Lies"  (<--- click to play sample)


Rockin' The Blues / Rippin' Guitar

Southern California Blues/Rock Guitar Ace, Brad Wilson, is riding
into 2005 with a tour date schedule that has him booked to play shows
every single week...from Morro Bay to San Diego and every town in
between, cruising down the highway to festivals, clubs and bike

Wilson's record, a self-titled 13-song southern blues/rock gem, is on
sale worldwide at:, CD (Europe),
(Australia), (North America). In California, retail
stores include Second Spin Records (Sherman Oaks and San Diego), Boo
Boo Records (San Luis Obispo and Grover Beach), Fingerprints (Long
Beach ) and Mad Platter (Riverside).

2004 was a very sucessful year for Brad with award nominations for
Blues Guitar and Songwriting from Los Angeles' All Access Magazine,
as well as feature stories and interviews with many of the newspapers
and weeklies in the cities where he performed. Brad and his band
played more than a hundred shows in '04, traveling and performing
every week.

Worldwide online publications covered the record, writing wonderful
reviews, and helping bring attention to Brad's incredible fret work
to fans of rippin' guitar all around the world. In the United
States, college and online radio joined with other radio shows
internationally to play tracks written by this award-winning

Some upcoming Southern California shows:

Friday, January 21 / Angel's Roadhouse / Yucaipa
Saturday, January 22 / Lake Alice Trading Company / Riverside
Friday, January 28 / Route 66 / Duarte
Saturday, January 29 / Harley's Rock Inn / Lake Hughes
Sunday, January 30 / Motherlode / Hesperia
Friday and Saturday, February 4 & 5 / Cheers / Ramona
Friday, February 11 / Steve's / Whittier
Saturday, February 12 / King Neptune / Sunset Beach
Sunday, February 13 / Mother's Tavern / Sunset Beach
Friday, February 18 / Perq's / Huntington Beach
Saturday, February 19 / Angel's Roadhouse / Yucaipa
Friday & Saturday, February 25 & 26 /Royal Scandinavian Inn / Solvang
Saturday, March 5 / Sapphire Lounge / Alhambra
Saturday, March 12 / Diane's Blue's Cafe / Arcadia
Friday & Saturday, March 18 & 19 / Royal Scandinavian Inn / Solvang
Sunday, March 20 / Galaxy Theatre / Santa Ana* (see below for details)
Friday & Saturday, March 25 & 26 / Flaherty's / Palm Springs
(see website for more tour dates)

*You can catch Brad live at Steve Broock's famous 18th annual Blues
Party at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana on Sunday, March 20. Over

a thousand Harley riders are expected.

People who bought the record are saying:

"Southern Rock with a blues flavor"
"Music for Harley Davidson riders"
"Great drivin' music"
"Reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton,
Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy"
"Blues specialist with a guitar that roars like a lion"
"Like riding a thundering Harley"
"The shows are a lot of fun, good people and good vibes"

Visit for more information.

Robin McAuley on stage with Michael Schenker

Robin McAuley will be on stage this Thursday with Michael Schenker for the first time in 13 years. He is singing with Schenker at the NAMM Guitar night in Long Beach, California. For more information visit <>
Don't forget Robin McAuley has a new project he is working on and now has an EP available.
Click here:

Majestic Rock 'Sense Your Darkness' with KINRICK

Majestic Rock records are extremely pleased and very proud to be able to introduce to the world the most exciting development in power metal for a very long time with the release of the debut album from American act Kinrick this March. Kinrick features the formidable talents of former Firewind/Kenziner vocalist Stephen Fredrick and guitarist Corbin King (Vainglory). Adding their considerable weight to proceedings are Pagan's Mind/ Firewind drummer Stian Kristofferson and Zanister bassist James Martin. The album 'Sense Your Darkness' was produced by US guitar legend David T. Chastain, who says of the project:

"Corbin and Stephen basically live in the same part of Atlanta and I had to get them into a band together for both logistical and talent reasons. I knew if we combined Corbin's heavy riffs with Stephen's unique melodic power vocals that the end results would be amazing. I was not disappointed.". The album is released through Majestic Rock in Europe on March 28th and in Japan on March 30th.


Monday, January 17, 2005

Sanity presents new DVD and CD

The Dutch Progressive Rock band Sanity presents next week their DVD ' Live At 22', an integral registration of the concert the band played on Novemvber 20th, 2004 at Twentietoe in Tiel, The Netherlands. The DVD also includes a CD of the same concert, making it possible to enjoy the concert also on an audio installation. The concert was recorded with five camera's while the band used a 24-tracks mobile studio for the audio registration. Sanity produced the DVD by their selves while members of the USA-band All Too Human co-produced the audio. For the mix the band used a.o. the studio's of Junkie XL while Peter van 't Riet (Symphony X, Ayreon, After Forever, Epica, and may other known bands) took care of the mastering of the audio.

Sanity published the DVD+CD by their selves. Distribution in the stores in The Netherlands will be done by Coast to Coast. The band is still looking for opportunities in other countries. Besides this international ordering is also possible at the Sanity website. As can be read at the website a lot is happened with Sanity in the previous season. 3-4 times a month Sanity was performing on stage in The Netherlands and Belgium. At the start of the season the band published the CD 'Sanity', which received great reviews as well in The Netherlands as in other countries in the world. Reason for Musea Records in France to distribute this CD in more than 50 countries. Also this year starts pretty well for the band. The season started with a tour in The Netherlands together with the USA band All Too Human, who also performed at ProgPower Europe 2004, a first gig in Germany and an invitation to join a metal festival in the USA.

Century Media News:

The deathship conquers new shores! Sweden's blackest of the black, NAGLFAR, have signed a new worldwide record contract with Century Media Records. Their new album, tentatively titled "Pariah", is currently being recorded at Ballerina Studios in the band's hometown of Umea.  Read more >>>

DARK TRANQUILLITY - New Song online / Video Message from Band / Touring!
On November 15th 2004 DARK TRANQUILLITY's new "Lost To Apathy EP" was released through Century Media Records and received praise all over the globe, even managing to enter the official Swedish single charts at a very good position 47. Now it's about time to introduce the upcoming seventh studio album "Character", to be released January 24th 2005. Expect the best - because you'll get the best... Read more >>>

NAPALM DEATH - Guests on album!
More details unfold about NAPALM DEATH's upcoming album "The Code Is Red. Long Live The Code" which will hit European shops April 25th: Word has already spread about guests in the studio who laid down some backing-vocals for the album: Jello Biafra, Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) and Jeff Walker (Carcass).

All of us have followed the horrible catastrophe that happened December 26th across the Indian ocean when the tsunami hit countries like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and even Bangladesh, the Maldive Islands, Somalia and Tanzania. We assume that no further words are needed to explain why NAPALM DEATH had the idea to release a charity single.

GRAVE - Greetings from the road!
As already mentioned in the last newspiece, Swedish death metal godfathers are currently on tour in order to promote their latest effort "Fiendish Regression". Just click on the link to watch a video message from GRAVE to all death metal Maniacs:

SALEM: video Ha'ayara Bo'eret available for download

Salem released another video "Ha'ayara Bo'eret" off their second release "Kaddish" (1994), now available as a free download through their website  The cover song "Ha'ayara Bo'eret" (The Town is on Fire) was written in 1928 and has since been identified with the holocaust. The Israeli parliament originally banned the broadcast of the video, claiming a Metal cover of such sensitive material was inappropriate. After discussions at the parliament , the band proved that this song was more than just a gimmick (most band member's grandparents were Holocaust survivors), the ban was removed and the video was broadcasted on national television. This video is also available on Salem's latest DVD "Live Demise".

FastLane Records News

Jetboys Of Babylon- A Tribute To The New York Dolls
FastLane Records would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a safe holiday as well as a great and prosperous 2005. The New York Dolls tribute 'Jetboys Of Babylon' is finished and being pressed for a January 20th 2005 release date. We have also used the new High Definition (HDCD) digital, surround sound technology which sounds amazing. All upcoming and future FLR releases, will also be using the HDCD process for optimal sound and quality.

The Issues
The Issues have already started recording their debut record (no working title as of yet) and will do so throughout the winter/spring. They have also contributed to a upcoming Bon Jovi tribute with their version of 'It's My Life' ..feel free to download the Bon tribute song at this link:'sMy

FLR Bits and pieces
American Anthem are currently in the studio recording their debut 'Hit Repeat' for FLR...Mike Gallagher's solo instrumental 'Sonic Universe' will be completed shortly. Mike is also currently in preperation to record 'Extreme Guitar 2' for possible movie/sport projects. Tattooed Millionaires are also finishing up their debut 'There Goes The Neighborhood' which also features ex-W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes on two tracks. All-in-all 2005 is shaping up to be the biggest/best year yet , for FLR. FastLane Records would like to wish everyone a safe and happy new year!

Spanish Thrash Black Metal Attack! Daemonlord

After a long Delay the new DAEMONLORD "7 ep ~ Coil of Devestaion  OUT NOW through NECROMANCER REC. Germany !!
Including an Onslaught cover song! Order  now !! - Lim. 444 handnr. Copies only. Enter the blasphemic Underground of NECROMANCER Records



Release: February 23, 2005
DIVINEFIRE was formed in February 2004 by Jani Stefanovic (RENASCENT, AM I BLOOD & SINS OF OMISSION) & Christian Rivel (NARNIA & AUDIOVISION). Their debut album Glory Thy Name is one of the most interesting metal albums coming during 2005. The album explodes of brutal and fast metal in the vein of TESTAMENT, CHILDREN OF BODOM & RHAPSODY mixed with symphonic & neoclassical elements. This unique mix of metal creates DIVINEFIRE. The interest is huge in Japan and they have created a very strong debut album where all kinds of metal fans can find what they are looking for. DIVINEFIRE is metal right in your face that goes straight to your heart! For more information about DIVINEFIRE;

Release: February 23,2005
AUDIOVISION is melodic hardrock and heavy metal packed in a powerful way. The main man behind AUDIOVISION is Christian Rivel frontman in NARNIA & DIVINEFIRE. There are very good songs on this album and it will satisfy every heavy metal soul on this planet. The album is produced by Lars Chriss (LION´S SHARE) and following people are involved on the album Mikael Höglund (GREAT KING RAT & THUNDER), Thomas Broman (GREAT KING RAT, GLENN HUGHES & ELECTRIC BOYS) Jeff Scott Soto (TALISMAN), Tony Franklin (BLUE MURDER, WHITESNAKE & THE FIRM), Bruce Kulick (KISS & GRAND FUNK RAILROAD), Mic Michaeli (EUROPE) Mattias Eklundh (FREAK KITCHEN) and many more. It´s time for the Calling!
For more information about AUDIOVISION;

The new Swedish band called MIRADOR and their debut album named The Azrael Tales shows wonderful and great epic heavy metal with strong Scandinavian roots. You can hear musical elements from bands like CANDLEMASS, QUEENSRYCHE & BLACK SABBATH. The production is great and it creates a mysterious and adventures atmosphere for the listener. Jakob Forsberg´s voice is working perfect together with Erik Mjörnell´s heavy guitars mixed with great choir arrangements. The Azrael Tales is one of the great jewels we will found during 2005 when we are looking for great new metal music. For more information about MIRADOR

HEARTCRY - LIGHTMAKER RRCD021,Release: January 26, 2005
If you love classic hardrock and heavy metal in the vein of JUDAS PRIEST, SCORPIONS & RAINBOW then HEARTCRY is a band worth checking out. Their album Lightmaker is filled with wonderful guitar playing and great songs with a heavy vibe strongly influenced by 70-80´s hardrock and heavy metal. The hammond organ played by Danne Tibell (JERUSALEM) gives HEARTCRY a great sound and it reminds of Ken Hensley (URIAH HEEP) & Jon Lord (DEEP PURPLE) back in those great days. Lightmaker is a great album to a dark world ! For more information about HEARTCRY

Release: January 26, 2005 Here comes the long awaited 2nd album of CRIMSON MOONLIGHT named Veil Of Remembrance. The 1st album The Covenant Progress have been very successful. Veil Of Remembrance is harder, faster, darker and more explosive than ever. The production is superb and handled by Thomas"Plec" Johansson (UNMOORED). You can find musical elements from bands like DARK FUNERAL, EMPEROR & DIMMU BORGIR but CRIMSON MOONLIGHT have their own style and Veil Of Remembrance sets a new standard of extreme metal and this album will be a favourite album during 2005 by many extreme metal fans. For more information about CRIMSON MOONLIGHT;

Tornerplatsen 18, 3tr
SE-17730 Järfälla, Sweden

Lion Music Press Release

January 24th 2005 Releases

WINTERLONG - Winterlong

Sweden’s Power Metal kings Winterlong are back with their third hard striking album, simply titled “Winterlong”.  Heavier and more aggressive than ever Winterlong are now ready for bigger things. Guitar whiz Thorbjorn Englund and classy vocalist Mikael Holm are joined by the Italian “God of the keyboards” Mistheria for this mighty release.



Valensia sold over 1 million copies of his debut album in 1994 and he is also the artist who has produced the most expensive video ever in the Netherlands. His new project Metal Majesty is heavier than anyth! ing he has done in the past but it’s also a big nod to some of his influences and as usually there is quite a bit on humour in his music. After the highly acclaimed 2004 debut album “This is Not a Drill”, Metal Majesty is back with a well worthy follow up “2005”. The trademarks – incredible vocals, the backing vocals alone are unearthly, fantastic melodies and great songs are all here. A true masterpiece!


ANAND – A Man’s Mind

After the success of last years “Joy 4 Ever”, Dutch guitar ace Anand Mahangoe sees his hard-to-find debut album “A Man’s Mind” get a re-release via Lion Music.  The album contains an updated sound and bonus tracks which are sure to appeal to fans of classic Joe Satriani and Steve Vai - a worthy collection to any guitar fans collection. 


Here's a small sample of the excellent releases due this year:

Iron Mask (Guitar whiz Dushan Petrossi with guest performances from Oliver Hartmann and Richard Andersson), Mattson, Alex Masi, James Byrd, Dogpound, Torben Enevoldsen, Imaginery, Mike Terrana, House Of Shakira and many more.....

OUR NEW SIGNINGS   Lion Music are proud to announce the following bands added to our artist roster.   Artension - One of the worlds best Progressive Metal bands have joined Lion Music's roster. We'll be releasing the fantastic album 'Future World' late February. Virus - Hardness and melody paired with feeling and sorrow belongs to the emotional foundation of Virus. Release due in May 2005. Locomotive Breath - superb Scandie Rock, debut album due in 2005!Zeelion - Scandie metal at its best!  Rich in melody, power and sheer class.   For a current list of our 2005 releases please see our website


Frontiers Records is pleased to announce to have finally achieved an agreement to release in Europe the latest ENUFF ZNUFF album simply entitled "?". The album will be released with a different cover artwork and an exclusive bonus track on February the 21st 2005. Longtime bassist and founding member Chip Znuff says: "We are extremely excited about our new partnership with Frontiers for the release of our new CD, "?" in Europe. We know that this is the label that can bring our music to the people will love it". This year, the band will continue to write and record more music, and of course, we will tour, tour, and tour some more to support the "?" CD. The band leaves for a United States tour with White Lion February 15th while a return to Europe is planned during spring with Bang Tango, Pretty Boy Floyd and the Teenage Casket Company. "This band is not afraid to spread its wings" continues Chip, "and Frontiers is the label that can provide us the opportunity to do that and have our music reach as many people as possible, old fans and new ones too!"