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Sacred Heart: Lay It On The Line @ Perris

SACRED HEART's 10-track demo album "Lay It On The Line" is available
through and reviews can be found at

Fwd: Frontiers / Press Release


Frontiers Records is pleased to announce all details for the release
the new James Christian solo album entitled "Meet The Man".

James Christian is best known as singer and songwriter for House of
Lords. With them, he sung on four studio albums including the most
recent "The Power & The Myth". He has also built during the years a
reputation as a songwriter and producer in his own right.

His first solo album entitled "Rude Awakening" was originally released
in 1994 (later reissued on Frontiers Records with 6 bonus tracks) and
included some of his best collaborations with such writers as Mark
(Signal), Bruce Gowdy (Unruly Child), Bob Marlette, Mike Slamer
(Streets) and Steve DeMarchi & Freddy Curci from Alias. This album is
still nowadays regarded as a delight for any lover of first class AOR.

After the successful reunion album with House of Lords, Christian
to make a come-back also as a solo artist in a more traditional
rock vein.

To do so he chose the best possible set of songs from his repertoire
that could make up an amazing new album. The result can be heard on
"Meet The Man": a classy melodic rock cd that includes songwriting
contributions from his House of Lords bandmates Chuck Wright and Lanny
Cordola ("After The Love Has Gone"; "Hold Back The Night"); the
songwriter of one of House Of Lords' biggest hits "Love Don't Lie",
Bush (who offered "Strong Enough" to the album) and, of course, songs
from the late Judithe Randall (Mark Free, Khymera, FM, Starship etc.),
James Christian's artistic mentor.

The final tracklisting will include the following songs:
After The Love
Has Gone; Know You In The Dark
Know You In The
Dark; Surrender Your Love;
Meet The Man; End Of Time; Love Looked Into My Life; Leave Well
Enough Alone; Strong Enough; You Should Be Blue (All I Could Feel Was
Blue); Circle of Tears; Hold Back The Night

The release date has been set for October 20th 2004.

Frontiers / Press Release

Frontiers Records is very proud to announce the signing of the new
Symphonic Metal sensation LUNATICA for the worldwide release of their
second album "Fables & Dreams"!

LUNATICA is a swiss band put up by drummer Sandro D'Incau and keyboard
player Alex Seiberl during the winter of 1998.

After a long search for a lead singer, in 2001 the band found Andrea
Datwyler. With her beautiful voice, she has given something special to
the songs and she immediately recorded the lead vocals for the debut
album "Atlantis".

"Atlantis" has been very successful and Lunatica was booked for many
concerts and festivals. Playing at Metaldayz festival (the biggest
open air festival in Switzerland), Lunatica was elected "best newcomer
band" and gained a lot of new fans.

For the second album "Fables & Dreams", Lunatica worked together with
the successful producer Sascha Paeth (Rhapsody, Kamelot, Angra, After
Forever, Edguy and Heavens Gate). He was able to create the powerful
production Lunatica desired.

The band will definitely please all the fans of such bands as Kamelot,
Nightwish and Royal Hunt with a very personal interpretation of a
symphonic and melodic metal sound.

The final tracklisting of "Fables & Dreams" will include the following

The Search Goes On; Avalon
;Elements; Fable of Dreams; Still Believe; The Spell
The Neverending Story; Hymn; Silent Scream
(2004); A Little Moment Of Desperation.

"Fables & Dreams" will be released on Frontiers Records on October
20th 2004.

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