Friday, August 27, 2004

Frontiers / Press Release

Frontiers Records is very proud to announce the signing of the new
Symphonic Metal sensation LUNATICA for the worldwide release of their
second album "Fables & Dreams"!

LUNATICA is a swiss band put up by drummer Sandro D'Incau and keyboard
player Alex Seiberl during the winter of 1998.

After a long search for a lead singer, in 2001 the band found Andrea
Datwyler. With her beautiful voice, she has given something special to
the songs and she immediately recorded the lead vocals for the debut
album "Atlantis".

"Atlantis" has been very successful and Lunatica was booked for many
concerts and festivals. Playing at Metaldayz festival (the biggest
open air festival in Switzerland), Lunatica was elected "best newcomer
band" and gained a lot of new fans.

For the second album "Fables & Dreams", Lunatica worked together with
the successful producer Sascha Paeth (Rhapsody, Kamelot, Angra, After
Forever, Edguy and Heavens Gate). He was able to create the powerful
production Lunatica desired.

The band will definitely please all the fans of such bands as Kamelot,
Nightwish and Royal Hunt with a very personal interpretation of a
symphonic and melodic metal sound.

The final tracklisting of "Fables & Dreams" will include the following

The Search Goes On; Avalon
;Elements; Fable of Dreams; Still Believe; The Spell
The Neverending Story; Hymn; Silent Scream
(2004); A Little Moment Of Desperation.

"Fables & Dreams" will be released on Frontiers Records on October
20th 2004.