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IOMMI/HUGHES - The 1996 DEP Sessions

Some eight years after it was recorded, this rare and sought after collaboration between Black Sabbath founding member Tony Iommi and former Deep Purple vocalist Glenn Hughes is finally available for all rock fans to savour. Never before released, these recordings from two of rock music's biggest names, have been remixed and remastered to sound exactly as originally intended.

2. From Another World
3. Don't You Tell Me
4. Don't Drag The River
5. Fine
6. Time Is The Healer
7. I'm Not The Same Man
8. It Falls Through Me

click on each track for an audio excerpt (requires real player)
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Wednesday, September 29, 2004


A collection of rock songs too catchy to be overlooked by the average pop fan! Outstanding vocal harmonies with songs that groove in the potential hit category, catchy melodies and bold vocals that stays with you long after the song ends. The songs of the album features all the simplicity and melodic wallop to settle neatly between smart and powerful even after repeated listens. The band consists of Victor Broden on bass and Joakim Eckberg on drums while the groups main man Mitch Malloy handles guitars and vocals - he also penned all the songs and produced the album.

Mitch grew up in the small town of Dickinson, North Dakota, his gift was discovered at the tender age of six, when a first grade teacher noticed that his voice stood apart from the rest of the class. At 12 years old, he picked up his sister's guitar and never turned back - "The thrill I got from hearing and feeling my guitar through an amp made it so clear to me that music was definitely what I wanted to do for the rest of my life." Mitch later secured a deal with RCA/BMG and recorded his first solo-album in Los Angeles with producer Sir Arthur Payson, entitled simply "Mitch Malloy". The record sold very well and generated two top 20 singles, landed Mitch a spot on "The Tonight Show" and produced a video with the hit "Anything At All" which was played on MTV Europe and is now on VH-1 Europe. The second record, entitled "Ceilings & Walls" was produced by Christopher Neal and it took a mellower approach. That album had a top 20 hit in "Tumbling Down" and is still highly sought after by fans worldwide.

Mitch moved from New York to Nashville to write songs under a publishing contract with Chrysalis Music. After writing with the top songwriters in town, Mitch felt the urge to record his own songs again and Fluid Sol saw the light of day. Straight ahead basic rock provides the foundation for Fluid Sol's sound, simply a virtually flawless collection of melodic rock songs that should dominate radio for years to come. Fluid Sol's debut album is all about big hooks and irresistible riffs. From the enormously infectious "I'm On Your Radio" 
(click here for an mp3 sample) to the energy that is "King Of Nothing" (click here for an mp3 sample) nearly every song is made for cranking out of the car stereo while racing down the coastline.
Release: 20 October, 2004

Travers & Appice / The Lizards On Tour!

Legendary rockers Pat Travers & Carmine Appice, with TM Stevens, have begun a major tour of Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic in support of their new CD release "It Takes A Lot Of Balls," on SPV Records. Opening for T&A is hard rock sensations The Lizards (featuring Mike DiMeo of RIOT, and Bobby Rondinelli of BOC/Sabbath/Rainbow fame). The Lizards have just completed their 4th album, a blistering studio effort entitled "Cold Blooded Kings," and will be performing some of the new material on tour.   The dates for the Travers & Appice / The Lizards tour are as followed:

Sept. 30, 2004 - Tante Olga - Randers, Denmark
Oct. 1, 2004 - Pumpehuset - Copenhagen, Denmark
Oct. 2, 2004 - Tobaksfabrikken - Esbjerg, Denmark
Oct. 4, 2004 - Fasching - Stockholm, Sweden
Oct. 5, 2004 - Prisma - Vasteras, Sweden (The Lizards only)
Oct. 6, 2004 - Katalyn - Upsala, Sweden
Oct. 7, 2004 - S-2 - Borlange, Sweden
Oct. 8, 2004 - Rockland - Sala, Sweden
Oct. 9, 2004 - Apelsin Club - Moscow, Russia
Oct. 10, 2004 - Manezh - St. Petersburg, Russia
Oct. 12, 2004 - Galaxy - Vilnius, Lithuania
Oct. 13, 2004 - House Of The Fisherman - Klaipeda, Lithuania
Oct. 16, 2004 - Jazz and Blues Festival, Usti nad Labem - Czech Republic
Oct. 19, 2004 - Cafe Machbar - Datteln, Germany
Oct. 20, 2004 - Blues Garage - Hannover, Germany (T&A w/Tony Franklin on bass)
Oct. 21, 2004 - Lantaarn - Hellendoorn, Holland
Oct. 22, 2004 - Culture Center Het Spoor - Haralbeke, Belgium
Oct. 23, 2004 - Spirit of '66 - Verviers, Belgium
Oct. 24, 2004 - Cafe de Noot - Hoogland, Holland
Oct. 26, 2004 - Casino - Amneville, France
Oct. 29, 2004 - Le Cargo - Arles, France
Oct. 30, 2004 - Le New Morning - Paris France

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Priest - You've Got Another Thing Coming

The release date of the new JUDAS PRIEST album has been moved to 4th January, 2005 at the request of Sony/Epic Records.

NOVAK - New MTM Signing

The new swedish act NOVAK is fronted by singer and guitarist Andreas Novak, who previously released two albums with the band MIND'S EYE, and recently participated in the swedish tv show Fame Factory. NOVAK is inspired by bands like Queen, Van Halen, Journey and Def Leppard, but also acts like Mr Mister, Toto and Sting, so the forthcoming album "Forever Endeavour" will contain a balanced mix between hard and soft elements influenced by the quality rock scene - all with a modern sound and a strong sense of melody. The song "Save Me" has already been released in Sweden on a compilation that sold 16,000 copies in Sweden and the song will be released on the forthcoming MTM COMPILATION Volume 10. The album will contain some interesting guest musicians, and is produced and co-written by Daniel Flores (FARO, MIND´S EYE). The release is expected in early 2005 and one song can already be heard on the forthcoming MTM COMPILATION Vol. 10.

Friday, September 24, 2004


BLACK N BLUE'S long awaited comeback album "HELL YEAH!" is now scheduled for release on February 14th. New titles which will be on the album include Your my Monkey, Angry Drunks and Fools Bleed all of which are classic Black n Blue material and will not disappoint! Z Records are extremely proud that Black n Blue's undoubted special talents where recognised by the label, the result  will be the earth shattering start to 2005 which is HELL YEAH!

WAR & PEACE where recorded live on Sunday September 19th when they headlined Z Rock 04 at the World famous Cavern club, Liverpool. The bands set was an amazing trip through Jeff Pilson's remarkable career and included the following set list. What Cost War,City in Flames, Beast in the Box, Don't Close Your Eyes, Burnin Like a Flame Heaven Sent, Zero The End, The Shell, Desperate Hearts, Line in the Sand, Finale, Breath and a Scream Snake Eyes , Tooth and Nail, It's Not Love encores: Just Got Lucky Into The Fire It is hoped that the live recording will be released during Late January 2005

New Karmageddon Signing: Flesh Made Sin

proudly present Holland’s youngest Thrash sensation Flesh Made Sin to their roster. After storming the underground with two self-financed releases, numerous live performances and two successful mini-tours Flesh Made Sin teamed up with Karmageddon Media for the first official full length album, to be entitled "Dawn of the Stillborn". Plain and honest aggression that goes straight for the kill. Flesh Made Sin combines more mature and well balanced ripping Thrash Metal with an excellent live reputation to pursue their quest to conquer the rest of the world.
Official statement from the band:Finally we found some lost souls daring to release the first full-length assault of Flesh Made Sin. We really appreciate the offer of Karmageddon Media to let us spit our ripping Thrash-metal to a higher level and a bigger audience. The thrashed up mirror of today's reality. Murder and suicide go hand in hand with malignancy and horror. The eyes of god have been closed upon us. Watch the flesh commit the sin. Envy the stillborn, for they bare the gift of unlife. The true salvation !  * Dawn of the Stillborn is scheduled to be released on the 15th of November through Karmageddon Media. * For more information, visit the band’s official website :

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


MILLION have announced a live show / launch party for their awesome upcoming "KINGSIZE" album. This will be the world's first opportunity to hear the album and see the band perform songs from it. The event is booked for Thursday October 28th at the Musikens Hus (The Music House), Gothenburg, Sweden.



is the solo project of former NIGHTPRIDE and DARK SKY singer / guitarist Bruno Kraler. Two albums have been released under the name BRUNOROCK so far: the self-titled debut in 1994 and X-OVER in 2002! Due to his incredible charisma, Bruno created an own style in the melodic heavy genre. On the new album "Interaction", Bruno has been supported by terrific musicians. There is Paolo Morbini (ex EVA and EXILIA) on drums, Bobby Altvater (AFFAIR) and Alex De Rosso (ex DOKKEN) on guitar. Other guest musicians include John Billings, Rachel Bolan (SKID ROW) on bass as well as Fredrik Bergh (STREET TALK) on keyboards. "Interaction" was recorded in 3 different studios (SKY STUDIO MUNICH - UFO STUDIO BRUNECK and WIREWORLD STUDIO in NASHVILLE). The final mix was done by the legendary MICHAEL WAGENER, who ranks among the most famous rock and metal producers worldwide... DOKKEN - OZZY OSBOURNE - METALLICA - ALICE COOPER - ACCEPT or EXTREME are only a few of the bands and artists who realized their most successful albums with him!


California country fried southern rockers Judge Jackson will release their third album, 'One Diamond' on October 19 through Curtis Joe Records / Dreamscape Music Group. Comprised of ten songs, 'One Diamond' is a 41 minute ride through Tesla's backyard with Lynyrd Skynyrd behind the wheel. Tracks such as ""King" and "Salvation" scream out at you while the album's first single, "Amazing" and "Matt's Song" (written in memory of a fan who passed away) hit the listener in the heart with meaningful lyrics and memorable melodies.

Hailing from Los Angeles, the quintet formed in 1995 when lead vocalist Todd McTavish met guitarist Lee Jackson through a mutual friend.  The duo started writing together almost immediately and sensing a special magic existed between the two of them they began the process of putting Judge Jackson together. The band played the famed LA club circuit for the better part of the ninties and released their debut album in 1998. Now, with 'One Diamond' the band has reached a new plateau in their career, earning the respect of their peers and industry insiders alike. "I've always thought that if you have the 4 p's - product, passion, perseverance and patience people will begin to take notice.  We've always concentrated on delivering good material and that's what has gotten us
noticed by the movers and shakers in the business." Judge Jackson are: Todd McTavish - Lead vocals, Lee Jackson - Guitars,
Tyler Nelson - Guitars, Ryan Rogers - Bass, Chris Pendelton - Drums.
More information on the band can be found at

GREAT WHITE will tour again...

GREAT WHITE is heading out on tour. The band will perform all of their hard-rockin' hits from multi-platinum albums Once Bitten..., ...Twice Shy, Hooked and many others. Nominated for a Grammy in 1989, Great White has sold over 8 million records worldwide, 2 top 40 hits and 13 top MTV videos. Their concert performance includes their popular songs #1-Once Bitten-Twice Shy,#2-The Angel Song and of course 'Rock Me'. All performances by Great White will continue to benefit the Station Family Fund. Proceeds from their shows go to the fund to create further awareness and financial assistance to those touched by the Rhode Island tragedy. Proceeds go directly to The Station Family Fund. The funds raised will be controlled and administered by The Station Family Fund.

Great White's line-up consists of original members Jack Russell (vocals), Mark Kendall (lead guitar), Tyler Nelson (guitar), Derrick Pontier (drums) and Scott Pounds (bass).

KINGDOM COME - Track By Track


Following the excellent press and fans responses after the release of "Perpetual" (expect at RockUnited?), Kingdom Come frontman and band leader Lenny Wolf was kind enough to send his personal point of view on the songs included on the album: -
Gotta move now - Picturing an army of KC-fans all playing the same riff and marching towards KINGDOM COME, being interrupted by a little girl picking up ice cream she just dropped.
Hang em high - Another KC-riff supporting the argument regarding people sitting in high places, who should be responsible for their actions just like everyone else with less power. Sounds kinda naive but it's overdue. Crown of Moscow - Loving the most when you don't know her. Started out as a low key shabalaba-song with cool drums played by a ten-foot-tall, 300 pound-heavy drummer, trying to pick a flower while he's sitting on a butterfly. By the way: a true story. Time to realign - A sign of our times. Impoliteness, aggression, regrets, false hope and coolness. "Someday, somehow, you'll know what I've talked about." Can't wait to play the chorus in a 20-minute-loop till I drop. A lighthearted verse meets the brutality of the chorus. Silhouette paintings - The intro/verse-melody came about two seconds after having discovered the sitar/piano-sound. Thank god. One aspect of how I feel being gone quite often. Not always knowing where to go "catching the rainbow, reaching ground". Still feeling kinda peaceful inside, knowing my calling. With the sun in mind - Mean and heavy meets innocent and light. Lenny doing some serious "Twilight Cruising" late at night. Feeling connected with myself, can't be bothered with the sun in mind. German flowerpower.

King of nothing - Listen you all, please just listen! Jamming, building sounds, creating, changing, connecting, rearranging night after night after night. One of my all-time favorite outros. The end of all times can feel pretty good. Rather die than betray your brother. Borrowed time - No revolution meant. Just feels good in a sense of "whatever". Who has the loudest amp, or cheap-ahead can work, too. No concept, no chorus, no idea what I did. Rock and Roll. Connecting pain - I dislike the song as much as I like it. A reflection of my surroundings. Never wanted to preach or smart-ass. Unlike most rock'n'roll clichees who celebrate drugs as being cool and necessary to get your creative climax or subconscious urge to "fit in", I feel nothing but disgust and no pity for drug-users. Sorry, I ain't cool. A cheap f**king excuse for the weak. As hard as I may sound, as double-hard I am with myself. Life ain't a free ride. Get used to it. Watch the dragonfly - Thank god, whatever you may be. Shut down for a minute till I pick you up again. Float with me. Sadness feels so good. It's not just you, we're all in it. Working with athmospheric sounds continuing the Twilight Cruise. Compressed drums with a raw, monotone wall of guitars. Gentle temptation meets f**k-you-all. "Madness in disguise" Inhaling the silence - So much trendy shit around. So many tough people around. So much monkey-movement around. Soon I'm gonna throw-up and drown. Just my distant friend playing the cello and somebody behind the mountain beating the toms, while the fool on the hill is talking to butterflies and minding his own business. "Hey John, thanks for helping me through my youth"
Free Bird - Here come the strings. Feeling connected with all of you, without touching. Rather keep on falling before hitting ground. Again and again. Lots of fun, building sounds (listen carefully to the colors). A grey song with lots of undefineable sparkles. Couldn't resist the typical KC-drama at the end. The final rise. This one's for free. Stand up and crawl. "Look at me now, I'm doing allright." It's so uncommercial it should be forbidden. The distant guitar is guiding me to a peaceful emptiness that can bring so much energy. Could re-mix it for the next two years.

Brain Surgeons News

Brain Surgeons compilation BLACK HEARTS OF SOUL due September 29 from Paris-based Bad Reputation. This will be the 10 year old band's first European release. UK, France and German dates now scheduled for January,
The Brain Surgeons are the brainstorm of Albert Bouchard, whose prodigious songwriting, arrangements and creative drumming drove the legendary Blue Öyster Cult to platinum sales and arena rock status. Described by Creem as the most underrated drummer in rock history, his influence is acknowledged by rock pioneers from the Minutemen (whose Mike Watt still covers his The Red and the Black nightly) to Metallica, whose version of his classic Astronomy, went quadruple-platinum in the U.S.
alone. The rare artist who's shared stages with everyone from Hendrix to Sonic Youth, his vision, chops and giant Godzilla mask burn brightly as ever with the Brain Surgeons, who've released seven critically acclaimed CDs on Cellsum Records and built a devoted cult following over a decade of hard national touring and great word-of-mouth. Last October, the power trio, which also includes Deborah Frost, another ex-rock critic in the tradition of Patti Smith and Chrissie Hynde, completed their first European tour. 2004 marks beginning of an even more auspicious era for the Brain Surgeons, who join forces on the forthcoming BLACK HEARTS OF SOUL with one of the most powerful and best-loved guitarists to ever emerge from the New York Scene, Ross the Boss (Dictators, Manowar). As Ross has proven on previous major label outings and tours, he makes any band he's in sound like a supergroup. With Bouchard, who's longed to collaborate with him ever since the Dictators opened for Blue Öyster Cult, he¹s really in one.

MTM Compilation

MTM are proud to announce the new anniversary MTM compilation Volume 10   which features unreleased material only! Track: 1 is a new sensation with the act  RELAPSE, better known as former CITA and GUILD OF AGES. SHY is contributing a   brand new song and the DARE and FATE tracks are live recordings from the  DEEP IMPACT open air festival in Munich this summer.  SHYLOCK, SIN, ZENO, EDGE OF FOREVER, SEVEN WISHES, RPM, are contributing new   and unreleased material. While new MTM signings are introducing themselves with advanced tracks from their forthcoming releases. Here's the full tracklist:

01. RELAPSE - All In All
02. MARTIE PETERS GROUP - The Beast Inside
03. SHYLOCK - Farewell (unreleased - dedicated to Thomas Häßler)
04. FATE - Everything About You (unreleased / forthcoming album)
05. BRUNOROCK - Pray For Rain (unreleased / forthcoming album)
06. SIN - Never Change (unreleased / dedicated to Thomas Häßler)
07. SHY - I Will Be Home (unreleased / forthcoming album "Sunset And Vine")
08. SEVEN WHISHES - Cross My Heart (unreleased / forthcoming album)
09. ZENO - Call Of The Heart (unreleased / forthcoming album "Zenology II")
10. EDGE OF FOREVER - Snake Eyes (unreleased)
11. RPM - How Do I get You (unreleased / recent album "RPM")
12. RHAPSODY SWEDEN - I've Done All I Can (unreleased)
13. NOVAK - Save Me (unreleased / forthcoming album)
14. JANI LANE - Lay Your Hands On Me (unreleased /"Tribute To Bon Jovi")
15. MISTY MAY - Reality (unreleased /)
16. DARE - Into The Fire (Rough Mix / live recorded at DEEP IMPACT FESTIVAL
MUNICH 2004) 5:28
17. FATE - Everything About You (Rough Mix / live recorded at DEEP IMPACT



Majestic Rock are proud to be able to bring the first four albums by Swedish rock Gods M.ILL.ION to the attention of the world's rock fans in re-mastered and expanded form with the reissue of the band's back  catalogue in preparation for the release of the band's new album 'KINGSIZE' this October. All four albums are digitally remastered and come with extensive sleeve notes from M.ILL.ION bassist and main man B.J. Laneby and are available from  September 27th.
  - contains bonus 'Sign Of Victory' Video clip. 'WE, OURSELVES & US
'ELECTRIC' - contains bonus 'Candyman' Video clip. 'DETONATOR', and 'KINGSIZE'  Available October 25th.  

Saturday, September 18, 2004



regrets to announce that the U.S. tour scheduled for September/October 2004 is canceled due to a foot injury suffered by vocalist/bassist Lemmy. Lemmy injured his foot on stage about month ago while touring in Europe. Lemmy, ignoring the pain and against his European doctor's recommendation, completed the few remaining shows on the Motorhead summer festival tour. Since he was not able to rest his foot for a while, Lemmy's injury worsened, and his U.S. doctor insisted in no uncertain terms that Lemmy stay off his foot for several weeks in order for it to heal properly. Motorhead will return for a U.S. tour in March 2005. Lemmy, guitarist Philip Campbell and drummer Mikkey Dee hate to disappoint their fans but it is necessary for Lemmy's injury to heal so that Motorhead can rock long into the future.

Motorhead's latest album, Inferno, has earned the groundbreaking band the best reviews of its career. The Associated Press calls this Metal-Is/Sanctuary Records release "their best album ever ... a 12-track opus that packs as much power, punch and attitude as anything that's ever been committed to tape."

THE TAK MATSUMOTO GROUP - Now At Frontiers Records

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the European release for the hard rock revelation band of 2004 THE TAK MATSUMOTO GROUP – TMG for November the 8th 2004 ! TMG is a group founded by guitarist, songwriter and producer Tak Matsumoto, an artist who earned an enormous fame in his mother land playing with the band B’Z.  The B'Z have sold over 80 million units in Japan alone, making them Japan’s biggest selling rock band in history. In late 2003 he formulated a new band venture billed as TMG - Tak Matsumoto Group: a collaboration featuring the Night Ranger and Damn Yankees bassist Jack Blades and ex-Mr. Big vocalist Eric Martin. Drums on the album were performed by ex-Foreigner, Slash's Snakepit and Pride & Glory man Brian Tichy and Lenny Kravitz drummer Cindy Blackman, with Chris Frazier taking over for live work.

Tracklisting of the European release will be as follows: Oh Japan - Our Time Is Now (click to hear an mp3 sample); Everything Passes Away (click to hear an mp3 sample); Kings For A Day;  I Know You By Heart; I Wish You Were Here (click to hear an mp3 sample); The Greatest Show On Earth; Signs Of Life; Red, White And Bullet Blues; Trapped; My Alibi; Wonderland; Train, Train; Two Of A Kind; Never Good-Bye.

Friday, September 17, 2004


are about to begin mixing their comeback album "BACK FROM THE DEAD" with an October 25th release date still very much on the cards in Europe. Mixing is about to begin in Wolverhampton, UK with the magnificent ROBIN GEORGE in control of the knob twiddling and PETE WAY very much in attendance.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Extreme - Reunion Concert

reunion concert
4 pm saturday, Sept 18th
City Hall plaza, Boston
Gary Cherone, Nuno Bettencourt !!!
More than Words?????? Be there !!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Atenzia presents PLUNGE

  PLuNgE !!!

The Baltimore three-piece Plunge has with "Hometown Hero" recorded a collection of songs that meld the power of punk with an innate sense of melodic pop and rock. The young band has been taking the US East Coast club scene by storm, playing close to 250 shows a year since they debuted. The groups front man Mike Ruocco is also the bass player and backing vocalist of RCA gold recording artist SR-71, having spent nearly a year writing, recording and touring with this major label band Mike has brought these experience back to Plunge, and together with his partners bass player Brian Magill and drummer Mac Calvaresi he has been working hard with creating this massive debut album. The album was produced by the band together with Scot Spelbring (Marvellous 3, SR-71) and was mixed by Jeff Juliano (Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Jason Mraz).

The true beauty of “Hometown Hero” is the way in which the band manages to maintain a delicate balance of blistering guitar and irresistible hooks, resulting in the perfect pop of "Part Time Girlfriend" (click title for mp3 snippet) and the gentle twang of the title track "Hometown Hero” (click title for mp3 snippet).

With all that is inside the album; the song-forms and production reveal sublime new facets upon each hearing, straight ahead rock with elements of alternative, punk and pop presented in a jaw-dropping musical package. With a host of infectious pop tunes, tear jerking ballads and balls to the wall rock anthems - Plunge got it all and is ready to show you all how it's done! Release: 20th October /2004.


When monumental musical talents collide, the result is magic. Tony Iommi and Glenn Hughes offer proof in the form of the album The 1996 DEP Sessions set for release by Sanctuary Records on September 28, 2004. The album is being released under the banner "Iommi with Glenn Hughes". The 1996 DEP Sessions features eight electrifying songs recorded by these two legends. Iommi is the lead guitarist in Black Sabbath, the groundbreaking originators of pure heavy metal; he has led every lineup of the band. Iommi is one of the most influential and widely recognized guitarists in the history of rock music. Hughes was a member of Trapeze before achieving worldwide superstardom as the co-lead vocalist and bass guitarist in Deep Purple in the mid-1970s. He has enjoyed a prolific and diverse solo career.

The two friends had worked together a decade before on 1986's Seventh Star album, which the record company at the time credited to Black Sabbath Featuring Tony Iommi for marketing purposes. The underrated Seventh Star certainly had its highlights, but it featured a then-contemporary 1980s sound. The 1996 DEP Sessions has a much grittier, forceful, timeless sound.
The eight tracks on 'The 1996 DEP Sessions' are: "Gone," "From Another World," "Don't You Tell Me," "Don't Drag The River," "Fine," "Time Is The Healer," "I'm Not The Same Man" and "It Falls Through Me." The story of how this project came together began when Iommi was working on a solo album and he asked Hughes to collaborate with him as a singer and songwriter. They worked on demos and recording for most of them commenced at DEP Studios in Birmingham, England. DEP is a renowned facility owned by the British reggae band UB40. Among those joining in were joined by keyboardists Don Airey (Rainbow, Ozzy Osbourne, Deep Purple) and Geoff Nicholls (who played on many Black Sabbath albums in the 1980s as well as 'Seventh Star').

No mixing was done at the time and Iommi and Hughes pursued other projects. They still kept in touch personally and occasionally brought up the subject of finishing and releasing those songs recorded in 1996. Unfortunately, a poor-quality bootleg CD made from an incomplete cassette surfaced. Earlier this year, Iommi reviewed the tapes at his home studio with the idea of completing them and releasing the songs so that fans could enjoy this music in finished form. New drum tracks were recorded by Jimmy Copley, who played on Iommi's acclaimed, all-star-laden 2000 solo album Iommi. Original engineer Mike Exeter and Iommi mixed the 1996 tracks and stripped them down to the basics to help add to the clean, raw feel.


OVERLORD's first live performance since their appearance to the CLASSIC METALFEST 2002 is now scheduled! The U.S. metal quartet will participate in the Metal Nation: Northern Aggression I festival that will take place on Friday, October 1st and Saturday, October 2nd, at the Bombshelter in Manchester, NH. The Northern Aggression festival is a two day event and in each day will appear many doom, power, thrash and death metal acts. On Friday the headliners will be SEVEN WITCHES, the band with which Bobby LucasOVERLORDE's singer - had released two full length albums in the past on MASSACRE records. You can visit the official web site of the festival for more details.. 

Jiotis Parharidis, the singer of HUMAN FORTRESS, is now recording in Germany, the final vocal parts for EUROFORCE's debut album. The first - non instrumental - attempt of Theodore Ziras, Greek guitar virtuoso, will be released in December 2004 by SONIC AGE records. The style of EUROFORCE can be described as neo-classical power metal, like SYMPHONY-X. Expect nothing less than fantastic music, composed and played by one of Greece's finest guitar players.
GOD.FEAR.NONE is the new band of guitarist Jim Voutsas and vocalist Chronis, after leaving SADWINGS in June 2004 for musical differences, with one thing in their mind.. To create an act that will follow the paths of melodic death metal. They also completed the line-up of  some very talented musicians to follow them in the same direction. Their debut CD is scheduled to be released by SONIC AGE records in Spring 2005. GOD.FEAR.NONE as SADWINGS, have supported NEVERMORE in the past, during one of their appearances on Greek ground and is definitely one of the most promising European metal groups in the genre. The band is currently managed by MUSIC FORWARD that is also collaborating with SONIC AGE in certain fields of promotion.

JOHN WAITE - New Album Release

Ex-The Baby's and Bad English frontman John Waite has a new album, "The Hard Way", which will be officially released on Sept 21st. Expect a review later at and check out Waite's official website at for more info about the CD for now.

PRIDE OF LIONS - Destiny Stone

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated new album from Pride Of Lions entitled The Destiny Stone for November, the 8th 2004. "Pride Of Lions is my vision of the best elements of the great melodic rock era of the 80s, updated of course with more modern production sounds." These are the words of Jim Peterik, a man who just might know what he's talking about when it comes to great melodic rock having been a member of Grammy-award winners Survivor and songwriter for Sammy Hagar, 38 Special, Van Zant, Aerosmith, John Wetton, Cheap Trick, Uriah Heep, REO Speedwagon and many more. "When Serafino Perugino, Frontiers Records President, called me in February and asked if we could have a new Pride Of Lions album ready by July for a November release - I just about dropped the phone - that's exactly one year since the release of our debut!" exclaims Peterik, "I composed myself and always one for a good challenge I said, No problem!"

From that moment on Jim and Toby Hitchcock have been living and breathing Pride Of Lions. Their second album, The Destiny Stone is now complete and if early response is any indication, it just may surpass the first in artistic vision and world acclaim. "We set out to top ourselves, to write songs with the great uplifting messages and melodies that have become our trademark", says Peterik. "To have a great singer like Toby to co-sing these songs is a songwriter's dream come true. It lets me explore the full range of melodic vision." Toby Hitchcock, a relative newcomer to the rock scene, at age 26 has made an indelible mark as a singer's singer with echoes of some of rock's finest voices in his distinctive tenor. "I had a blast recording this album. We kept the basic team the same, same band, same studio, same production team (Jim and Larry Millas), behind the board. I say, if it ain't broke, don t fix it!"

The Destiny Stone is a song cycle that Jim Peterik started in January 04. Many of the songs were inspired by the mysterious visions he experienced as a child of four. "The only way I can describe it was that it felt like I was falling through a crack in time. It was far different than a dream - much more vivid and intense. The Destiny Stone is the musical embodiment of these journeys."
The range of material on the album goes from majestic orchestrated ballads such as Back To Camelot and Light From A Distant Shore, to hard as nails rockers such as Born To Believe In You, Parallel Lines and the lead off track The Courage To Love Somebody. "As usual, I wear my influences on my sleeve, like with the Styx inspired, Man Behind The Mask and my tribute to John Miles, The Gift Of Song. But I always try to inject my own style to the blend and make it unique", states Jim. "My favorite on this record is Falling Back To Then", says Toby. Final track listing is as follows: The Courage To Love Somebody (click to hear an MP3 sample); Parallel Lines (click to hear an MP3 sample); Back to Camelot (click to hear an MP3 sample); Born To Believe In You; What Kind of Fool; Man Behind The Mask; Light From A Distant Shore; Letter To The Future; The Destiny Stone; Second Hand Life; Falling Back To Then; The Gift of Song.

ORPHANED LAND - First ever video-clip!

ORPHANED LAND - First ever video-clip!

Six months after the release of the majestic milestone "Mabool - The Story Of The Three Sons Of Seven", Israel´s ORPHANED LAND are about to offer their first ever video clip "Ocean Land". Vocalist Kobi Farhi:

"Hello everyone and Shalom from the Orphaned Land of Israel! Finally after many years we filmed a video clip, to the song "Ocean Land" from our latest album "Mabool", it's our first video clip ever! It was a very hard day of working and we were on set for 18 hours. We had two different locations:

1. In the sea (where we bumped into hundred of Medusa jellyfish! It was very tough and we remained brave, but got wounded)
2. Underwater shots in a swimming pool - I had to sing for hours under the water, I drank so much pool water, yuck! We also filmed Matti playing a guitar solo under the water.

We were working with a very famous theatre actress named Hila Vidor and she was unbelievable, it was an inspiring adventure to work with her. If you ask me, she is the Queen of the sea! I think that it's a great video and it's about time that you will all be able to watch it and judge for yourself very soon." On August 26th 2004 ORPHANED LAND performed at Metalist Festival in Tel Aviv, Israel. Kobi: "It was a tribute show and a decade celebration for our debut release, Sahara. We are also about to close two shows in Greece for 15th & 16th of January. And we are still negotiating for Brazil, Mexico & Turkey." If you haven´t heard one of the best records of this year yet you better check out "Mabool - The Story Of The Three Sons Of Seven". Join a great musical adventure of melodic metal combined with fantastic Oriental instruments and moods.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


The Boston-based quintet DIECAST spent years honing their craft in the underground hardcore scene, and as a result, their output matured into a mind-blowing composite of metal, rock and hardcore idioms. Now, it doesn't matter whether they are playing theaters opening for such genre titans as Slayer and Chimaira or a small club, the group always gives it their all and have set the standard for unrelenting metalcore. DIECAST triumphantly return with their much-anticipated new album, "Tearing Down Your Blue Skies". This is the group's first effort since their highly acclaimed debut full-length, "Day of Reckoning", released over three years ago. This new offering shows the group's progression as musicians and songwriters, while the addition of new vocalist Paul Stoddard adds a whole new feel to the band's dynamic sound. From Slayer-type riffs mixed with Hatebreed breakdowns to Killswitch Engage melodies and massive hooks, DIECAST have broken the mold once again, creating an album that will set the mark for all other bands in the genre to try and surpass.

Jeremy Wooden (bass) further describes the band's evolution, "I guess the first thing to say is that we're back and better than ever. We have spent almost two years on this material, making sure that every song was as strong and interesting as the next. Our new singer has allowed us to try things that we could never have imagined in the past. We tried to make each song have a different feel and have written some of our heaviest material and also some of our most melodic."

What sets DIECAST apart from the pack is their unabashed intensity and ability to deliver their material effectively through their live performances. Their latest effort is a true metal album that hardcore fans will also not be able to resist.
The new album "Tearing Down Your Blue Skies" will be out in Europe October 25th, 2004.
Check out for free MP3 downloads of the new songs "Fire Damage" and "Pendulum".

Paul Stoddard - vocals
Jeremy Wooden - bass
Jonathon Kita - guitar
Kirk Kolatis - guitar
Jason Costa - drums

Undo The Wicked EP- Now or Never Records 1998
Day Of Reckoning CD- Now or Never Records 2001
Tearing Down Your Blue Skies CD- Century Media Records 2004


Liverpool's Torino have reformed for Z Rock 04 this coming Sunday and today the band officially signed with Z Records.The signing of the band is rather special for both parties as the band and record company staff have been personal friends for twenty plus years! Torino recorded two successful albums during the late eighties "Customised" and "Rock It" with critical acclaim in national metal magazines Kerrang and Metal Hammer. A new studio release can be expected during 2005. Stuart Fox made the following comment: "we are proud to be given the chance of getting our product available on what we consider to be the best label in Europe".
The bands 2004 line up is:

Stuart Fox,
Stephen James
Alan Kulke
Brian Dixon
Barry McKeown

Rock The Nations Vol5 has been officially released today in Europe and features sample sof our latest releases plus material from our newly signed acts such as Sonic X and Skull etc

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Thursday, September 09, 2004

ZENO re-issue in November:

MTM CLASSIX is proud to announce the re-release of ZENO's debut album "Zeno": ZENO ROTH is the younger brother of ULI JOHN ROTH who played with SCORPIONS. In 1974 he formed the band BLACK ANGEL. In 1984 he formed the band ZENO with ULE RITGEN (FAIR WARNING). They started recording for the first album Zeno in 1985 by using many recording studios all over the world. CHUCK BURGI, STUART ELLIOT, CARL MARSH, DON AIREY and also CHRIS THOMPSON joined this recording. ZENO toured with BLACK SABBATH, KROKUS, KEEL and also played a festival with QUEEN in UK. In 1993 the album ZENO was released in Japan. It caused a sensation in the current music scene, selling more than 25.000 copies. In 1995 Zenology was released and sold over 30.000 copies and reached the charts. In December 1997 the third album Listen To The Light was completed and released in Japan in January 1998. Sales until March: 40.000 copies! First appearance on Japanese charts: 26 in the whole album charts. 6 in Foreign Music Charts, Number 2 in Rock Music Charts.
MTM CLASSIX is now re-releasing his debut album Zeno which is known as a sold out and sought after AOR Highlight. The album is completely remixed and remastered and feat. one bonustrack Dont Count Me Out. Beside this Zeno features unreleased versions of the songs Signs In The Sky, Far Away, Dont Tell The Wind and Love Will Live which have been recorded to get the deal with EMI.
Release in November: Because of some delays we have to postpone the long awaited release of GREENHOUZE. Here are the November releases:
ZENO "Zeno" 08.11.2004 MTM COMPILATION "Volume 10" release: 15.11.2004 RPM "RPM" release: 22.11.2004

Nuclear Blast and Manowar go separate ways!

On 1st of September, both Nuclear Blast and Manowar decided to end the
successful cooperation. Both parties couldn’t agree on the conditions of a
new cooperation. We wish Manowar furthermore a successful future and thank
them for a great time!

Legal NB downloads!
Now that iTunes USA does offer a lot of NB highlights since a while and many
metal fans there used this service frequently, we’ll soon publish all NB
releases in Europe, too.
Nuclear Blast will start on September 13th to distribute the whole audio
catalogue via Warner Music in Germany (AOL, Musicload, Media Markt, CTS
etc.) and Europe-wide via iTunes. With the start of the Nuclear Blast
download repertoire, there’ll also be an exclusive download sampler
available, which features several rare tracks of the Nuclear Blast top acts!


Overlorde are now in the final stage of mastering their debut Cd "
The Return Of The Snow Giant " that will be released by Sonic Age records in
December 2004. Valkija arrange the last details for the production of
their debut Cd entitled " Avengers Of Steel ", that will be released by
Sonic Age records in November 2004. You should expect pure Heavy Metal in
the vein of Warlock / Zed Yago, with powerful guitar riffs and excellent
vocal lines. The Greek band of Arpyian Horde consisting of Battleroar
/ Dream Weaver and ex- Airged Lamh members will soon be releasing their
first 7 " single under the brand of Cult Metal Classics records featuring
two breath - taking epic / power metal songs.


Million have now confirmed the track listing for their up and coming fifth
studio album "KINGSIZE". The running order for the album is as follows:

3. ROOM NO.3

The Japanese edition of the album, available through Majestic Rock Japan,
will feature the bonus track "BLUES". "KINGSIZE" is released in Europe on
October 25th and in Japan on October 27th.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Overlorde are now in the final stage of mastering their debut Cd "
The Return Of The Snow Giant " that will be released by Sonic Age records in
December 2004. Valkija arrange the last details for the production of
their debut Cd entitled " Avengers Of Steel ", that will be released by
Sonic Age records in November 2004. You should expect pure Heavy Metal in
the vein of Warlock / Zed Yago, with powerful guitar riffs and excellent
vocal lines. The Greek band of Arpyian Horde consisting of Battleroar
/ Dream Weaver and ex- Airged Lamh members will soon be releasing their
first 7 " single under the brand of Cult Metal Classics records featuring
two breath - taking epic / power metal songs.

Nuclear Blast and Manowar go separate ways!

On 1st of September, both Nuclear Blast and Manowar decided to end the
successful cooperation. Both parties couldn’t agree on the conditions of a
new cooperation. We wish Manowar furthermore a successful future and thank
them for a great time!

Legal NB downloads!
Now that iTunes USA does offer a lot of NB highlights since a while and many
metal fans there used this service frequently, we’ll soon publish all NB
releases in Europe, too.
Nuclear Blast will start on September 13th to distribute the whole audio
catalogue via Warner Music in Germany (AOL, Musicload, Media Markt, CTS
etc.) and Europe-wide via iTunes. With the start of the Nuclear Blast
download repertoire, there’ll also be an exclusive download sampler
available, which features several rare tracks of the Nuclear Blast top acts!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Vox Tempus announce CD release date

Vox Tempus is proud to announce the U.S release of our debut album,
In the Eye of Time, through Progman Records. The album will be
available exclusively at this month's ProgPower Festival in Atlanta
(where the band is also featured on the festival CD sampler),
followed by a formal U.S. release on September 21st. As we continue
doing interviews and considering festival dates, we are now setting
our sites on overseas distribution for the new record.

Initial reviews of the album (featuring members of Equinox, Takara
and Millennium, and special guest Gregg Bissonette on drums) have
been overwhelmingly positive, and we would to thank our friends and
fans for their patience and support. Preorders will be shipped later
this month, and those who order now (at
order.html) can still receive MP3 bonus tracks unavailable
elsewhere. For sound clips, video and ordering information, be sure
to visit!

The members of Vox Tempus came together in January of 1997, as
members of the progressive rock band Equinox. The group was in the
midst of promoting their successful worldwide JVC debut, COLOR OF THE
TIME, which had reached the Top 20 in Europe and Japan. Work began
on a more guitar-oriented follow-up release, with Erik Norlander
behind the console. The lineup splintered during these sessions, and
the band brought in Gregg Bissonette to re-record the album with
three new tracks. The first of these new songs, For Every Life, was
written in part for our deceased friend, Great White guitarist Ty
Longley. With guitarist Ray Mantor in the producer's seat, the band
was reborn as Vox Tempus.

The album features:

Vocals - Dan Reed (Millennium, Equinox)
Guitars - Ray Mantor (Equinox)
Keyboards - Eric Ragno (Takara, Equinox)
Bass - Jim Turba (Equinox)
Drums - Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth, Joe Satriani, etc.)

Vox Tempus is proud to endorse GHS Strings.

More information on us can be found on our website at www.vox-


Z Records are very proud to announce the world exclusive preview of
SONIC X. The band where discovered by non other than Von Groove and
Final Frontier supremo Mladen and we promise you an album that will
shake the melodic rock community!

Don't just take our word for it, check out the samples from the
forthcoming debut which will be unleashed on October 6th at :

Monday, September 06, 2004

New signing: Chain Collector

Sound Riot Records is very proud to announce the signing of CHAIN

The men behind CHAIN COLLECTOR are the singer Kjetil Nordhus (Green
Carnation & Trail Of Tears), drummer Anders Kobro (Green Carnation,
Carpathian Forest & In The Woods), guitarist Gøran Bomann
(Carpathian Forest), guitarist Kjell Jacobsen and the additional
musician Endre Kirkesola on bass/keyboards that have also played on
Green Carnation previously. The band will enter at Dub Studio (used
by Green Carnation, Blood Red Throne) to record the still untitled
album; it will feature 10 or 11 songs. The debut is scheduled for a
worldwide release in early 2005. This album has a lot to offer: a
strong feeling for melodies combined with perfect musicality of high
profile artists which the experience is quite wide, that is one thing
the band take advantage of and put it into their music.

Fans of Green Carnation who long for the songs to be shorter and
heavier, this is your dream come true.
Hel &



Saturday, September 04, 2004

Lemon New Releases For September

Shark Frenzy - Shark Frenzy CDLEM 44

Yet another unreleased album from Lemon! And in keeping with the Bon Jovi
theme of last month, we bring you Shark Frenzy; the band featuring Bon Jovi’
s guitarist Richie Sambora. Fully endorsed by Richie himself, it will
feature a very exclusive recent interview in the sleeve notes (conducted by
Classic Rocks’ Sian Llewellyn). A real treat for Bon Jovi fans, the band was
also fronted by Bruce Foster who has also played with Guns ‘N’ Roses amongst
others. All tracks on this record have never been heard before and with
Sambora’s classic guitar hooks and licks, this should be a big album amongst
rock fans the world over.

Clover - Hearts On Fire CDLEM 43

This is Clover’s 1977 follow up to “Unavailable” and coincidentally, is
Lemon Recordings’ follow up as well (CDLEM16). Once again, this record was
produced by Robert John Mutt Lange (AC/DC, Shania Twain, Def Leppard). This
was sadly the band’s last album before John McFee went on to join The Doobie
Brothers, and Huey Lewis formed the “News”. Interestingly, Clover supported
Thin Lizzy promoting “Hearts on Fire” and is the reason why Huey Lewis
performs on Lizzy’s “Live and Dangerous!” record.


Butterscott - Throwing Meatloaf At The Sky CRREV 79

What can one say about Jonathan Scott? A beloved Lo-Fi legend who has been
on both Creation and Poptones, been played on every hip radio show on three
continents, yet never released a record. A big favourite of Alan McGee, a
huge influence on EVERYONE, yet lurking in obscurity. But he enjoys it!
Since we were introduced to the wonderful world of Butterscott by the
amazing Kim Fowley, nothing has been the same, and now at last, through the
wonder of Rev-Ola NOW sound, we share the bizarre soundtrack of that
wonderful world with you. Classic pop from the Twilight Zone, an enigma
wrapped in an episode of Lancelot Link wrapped in The Banana Splits play the
Sex Pistols on your nephew's birthday guitar. You will learn to love

Best Of Friends - Daybreak CRREV 80

There aren’t many records as magical, as transcendent and as deserving of
rediscovery as this one. It’s songs conjure a perfect lost America populated
by teenage California dreamers in suede fringe jackets, Chris Hillman
haircuts, jeans and Jack Purcells, strawberry blondes in powder blue Beetles
and Arizona highways stretching toward endless summer dawns. Through a
peculiar set of circumstances (most far beyond the control of their
creators) these recordings have come to bewitch rare groove hunters, soft
rock diggers and collectors of folk and Americana to a sweet madness, but
they’ve never had what would be called an "official" release until now.
Daybreak has attained “holy grail” status amongst record collectors, it's
associations with Left Banke producer Harry Lookofsky and his friend, the
Brazilian genius of arranging, Deodato, being the icing on the cake! Making
it’s first official appearance on CD, this surely is a collection of genius
songs, all but lost....

Friday, September 03, 2004


"Back From The Dead", the comeback album from Pete Way's Waysted, has gone
back on the release schedule to October 25th in Europe. The record is
finished and is about to be mixed by the band and Robin George.


Z Records are proud to announce the signing of US act Law And Order
for the release of their third studio album.

Law & Order released two albums with MCA between 1988 and 1991.A
grittier version of the L.A. glam scene, Law And Order were a band
that did not fit easily in any genre, and therefore tragically got
lost in the shuffle when grunge became the mainstream..

Formed in Staten Island, New York. The group where brought together
when manager Scott Koenig introduced Shane (vocals) and Rob Steele
(drums) to Phil Allocco (guitar) and Sean Carmody (bass). They
recorded their debut in Memphis, Tennessee, to try and create a more
genuine and passionate sound than the average rock band of the time.
They had a minor east coast hit with their cover of Lynyrd
Skynyrd's "Needle And The Spoon". A European tour with Mr. Big had
the band poised for stardom but the label failed to follow up on
their live success.

Law And Order's third studio album will be released during late 2004


Thursday, September 02, 2004


The legendary '60s phenomenon The Vanilla Fudge are schedule to perform a
special engagement at B.B. King's Club on Sept. 8th. The Fudge, featuring
Carmine Appice, Tim Bogert, Bill Pascali and Teddy Rondinelli, are currently
riding high on the heels of their latest CD release "The Return", and plan
to perform all their major hits at the B.B. King gig. The show will be
highlighted by a guest appearance from veteran rocker Pat Travers ("Boom
Boom Out Go The Lights") and promises to deliver a heavy dose of scorching
rock and roll! Most recently, Carmine Appice (who's recieved a Lifetime
Achievement Award from SABIAN) and Pat Travers have teamed together with
bassist TM Stevens to form a supergroup T&A, and are preparing a major tour
of Europe which will include Scandinavia, Russia, Lithuania, the Czech
Republic, Germany, Italy and Spain. Toruing with T&A will be hard rock
sensations The Lizards (ex-BOC, Sabbath, Rainbow) in October 2004. The new
T&A CD is scheduled for release Oct 16 on SPV Records.

For more information:

New ZENO on MTM!

New ZENO on MTM!

We are proud to announce the release of the new ZENO album! The new album is
called "Zenology II" and is expected for late this year / early next year.
ZENO Roth, the younger brother of Uli Jon Roth, is back with a brand new
album! “ZENO” was released in 1985 and the band toured with BLACK SABBATH,
KROKUS, KEEL and played a festival with QUEEN in the UK. In 1995 „Zenology“
was released which was a huge success: the album reached the Japanese album
charts. „Listen To The Light“ was completed and released in 1998 followed by
chart entries: #26 in the Japanese album charts, # 6 in Foreign Music Charts
and # 2 in Rock Music Charts. Now MTM MUSIC is releasing this amazing new
record - another step forward to push the come back of Melodic Rock!

Fwd: Millenium / Press Release


Frontiers Records are finally pleased to confirm the release of the
postponed album from MILLENIUM "The Best of... and more" for October
20th 2004.

Millenium is a hard rock band founded by Ralph Santolla (ex Iced Earth
and Death, now with Sebastian Bach of Skid Row fame) in 1995. They
released 3 studio albums on Frontiers
Records: "Millenium", "Angelfire"
and "Hourglass".

Millenium have had in their line-up some very well known musicians of
the hard & heavy scene including vocalist extraordinaire Jorn Lande
(Masterplan) who sang all lead vocals on the "Hourglass" album and
guitarist Shane French now involved in Circle II Circle along with
vocalist Todd Plant (Doobie Brothers), Manfred Binder on bass and
Oliver Hanson on drums.

This "Best of" release covers tracks from each of the studio albums
adding some very tasty surprises starting from the infamous "Covers
album" sessions who featured the "Hourglass" line-up (with Jorn Lande
and current Deep Purple keyboard player Don Airey) performing well
rock and hard rock classics such as MSG's "On & On", The Sweet's "Love
Is Like Oxygen", Jefferson Starship's "Jane", Rainbow's "I Surrender",
plus 2 unreleased tracks from the "Hourglass" sessions and demo tracks
for the band's last studio CD "Jericho", for a total of 10 unreleased

The final track listing is as follows:

CD1: Power To Love; Hourglass; Superstar; I Still Believe;
Masquerade ;
Chasing Time; Shaman; Beyond The Pain; End Of Time; Angelfire; Heaven
Sent; Run; Saving Grace; The Colour of the Night.

Tracks 1-6 taken from "Hourglass" / Tracks 7-14 taken from "Angelfire"

CD2: Together As One; Believe In Love; Almost Made It To Heaven;
Invincible; On And On; I Surrender; Jane
; Love Is Like Oxygen; Rain
; Anybody; Gone Are The Chances; I Lost It; Heresy; Sea Of

Tracks 1-4 taken from "Millenium" / Tracks 5-14 Previously Unreleased

Links to samples:
(copy and paste!)


With only a little more than a couple of weeks to go until Z Rock
2004 we are pleased to be able
to announce the details of the entire day.
Doors will open at 12 noon not 1pm as previously advertised, with the
first band hitting the stage at 12:45pm. We will
be also staging special previews of forthcoming releases over the PA
in between acts. As at previous events there will be a
cd stall featuring special offers, a meet and greet area and a
Fireworks magazine stand.

The run down for the day is as follows...................

Doors: Noon

12:45pm - 1: 30pm : ENZIGN
pa preview: War & Peace
signing session: WAR & PEACE [feat Jeff

1:55pm - 2:40pm : TORINO
pa preview: King Karma
signing session: MITCH MALLOY

3:05 - 3:55PM : HODSON
pa preview: Adam Bomb
signing session: ENZIGN

4:20 - 5:10 PM : MITCH MALLOY
pa preview: Jesse Damon
Signing session: Adam Bomb

5:35 - 6:25PM : LIONSHEART
pa preview: Skull
signing session: HODSON

6:50: 7:45: JESSE DAMON [Silent Rage frontman]
pa preview: snakeryder
signing session: LIONSHEART

8:10 - 9:10 - ADAM BOMB
pa preview: Sonic X

9:40 - 11:00 - WAR & PEACE [feat: Jeff Pilson of Dokken]

Tickets are still available in advance priced at £20 each and £25 on
the door.

High St outlets:
X Records, Bolton
Quirks Records, Ormskirk
Probe Records, Liverpool

credit card hotlines:
01484 643392
01782 522370
01489 603549


September 22, 2004 Scorz in Nashua, NH
September 23, 2004 Dingbats in Clifton, NJ
September 24, 2004 Jaxx Springfield, VA