Wednesday, September 29, 2004


A collection of rock songs too catchy to be overlooked by the average pop fan! Outstanding vocal harmonies with songs that groove in the potential hit category, catchy melodies and bold vocals that stays with you long after the song ends. The songs of the album features all the simplicity and melodic wallop to settle neatly between smart and powerful even after repeated listens. The band consists of Victor Broden on bass and Joakim Eckberg on drums while the groups main man Mitch Malloy handles guitars and vocals - he also penned all the songs and produced the album.

Mitch grew up in the small town of Dickinson, North Dakota, his gift was discovered at the tender age of six, when a first grade teacher noticed that his voice stood apart from the rest of the class. At 12 years old, he picked up his sister's guitar and never turned back - "The thrill I got from hearing and feeling my guitar through an amp made it so clear to me that music was definitely what I wanted to do for the rest of my life." Mitch later secured a deal with RCA/BMG and recorded his first solo-album in Los Angeles with producer Sir Arthur Payson, entitled simply "Mitch Malloy". The record sold very well and generated two top 20 singles, landed Mitch a spot on "The Tonight Show" and produced a video with the hit "Anything At All" which was played on MTV Europe and is now on VH-1 Europe. The second record, entitled "Ceilings & Walls" was produced by Christopher Neal and it took a mellower approach. That album had a top 20 hit in "Tumbling Down" and is still highly sought after by fans worldwide.

Mitch moved from New York to Nashville to write songs under a publishing contract with Chrysalis Music. After writing with the top songwriters in town, Mitch felt the urge to record his own songs again and Fluid Sol saw the light of day. Straight ahead basic rock provides the foundation for Fluid Sol's sound, simply a virtually flawless collection of melodic rock songs that should dominate radio for years to come. Fluid Sol's debut album is all about big hooks and irresistible riffs. From the enormously infectious "I'm On Your Radio" 
(click here for an mp3 sample) to the energy that is "King Of Nothing" (click here for an mp3 sample) nearly every song is made for cranking out of the car stereo while racing down the coastline.
Release: 20 October, 2004