Wednesday, September 15, 2004


OVERLORD's first live performance since their appearance to the CLASSIC METALFEST 2002 is now scheduled! The U.S. metal quartet will participate in the Metal Nation: Northern Aggression I festival that will take place on Friday, October 1st and Saturday, October 2nd, at the Bombshelter in Manchester, NH. The Northern Aggression festival is a two day event and in each day will appear many doom, power, thrash and death metal acts. On Friday the headliners will be SEVEN WITCHES, the band with which Bobby LucasOVERLORDE's singer - had released two full length albums in the past on MASSACRE records. You can visit the official web site of the festival for more details.. 

Jiotis Parharidis, the singer of HUMAN FORTRESS, is now recording in Germany, the final vocal parts for EUROFORCE's debut album. The first - non instrumental - attempt of Theodore Ziras, Greek guitar virtuoso, will be released in December 2004 by SONIC AGE records. The style of EUROFORCE can be described as neo-classical power metal, like SYMPHONY-X. Expect nothing less than fantastic music, composed and played by one of Greece's finest guitar players.
GOD.FEAR.NONE is the new band of guitarist Jim Voutsas and vocalist Chronis, after leaving SADWINGS in June 2004 for musical differences, with one thing in their mind.. To create an act that will follow the paths of melodic death metal. They also completed the line-up of  some very talented musicians to follow them in the same direction. Their debut CD is scheduled to be released by SONIC AGE records in Spring 2005. GOD.FEAR.NONE as SADWINGS, have supported NEVERMORE in the past, during one of their appearances on Greek ground and is definitely one of the most promising European metal groups in the genre. The band is currently managed by MUSIC FORWARD that is also collaborating with SONIC AGE in certain fields of promotion.