Tuesday, September 14, 2004


The Boston-based quintet DIECAST spent years honing their craft in the underground hardcore scene, and as a result, their output matured into a mind-blowing composite of metal, rock and hardcore idioms. Now, it doesn't matter whether they are playing theaters opening for such genre titans as Slayer and Chimaira or a small club, the group always gives it their all and have set the standard for unrelenting metalcore. DIECAST triumphantly return with their much-anticipated new album, "Tearing Down Your Blue Skies". This is the group's first effort since their highly acclaimed debut full-length, "Day of Reckoning", released over three years ago. This new offering shows the group's progression as musicians and songwriters, while the addition of new vocalist Paul Stoddard adds a whole new feel to the band's dynamic sound. From Slayer-type riffs mixed with Hatebreed breakdowns to Killswitch Engage melodies and massive hooks, DIECAST have broken the mold once again, creating an album that will set the mark for all other bands in the genre to try and surpass.

Jeremy Wooden (bass) further describes the band's evolution, "I guess the first thing to say is that we're back and better than ever. We have spent almost two years on this material, making sure that every song was as strong and interesting as the next. Our new singer has allowed us to try things that we could never have imagined in the past. We tried to make each song have a different feel and have written some of our heaviest material and also some of our most melodic."

What sets DIECAST apart from the pack is their unabashed intensity and ability to deliver their material effectively through their live performances. Their latest effort is a true metal album that hardcore fans will also not be able to resist.
The new album "Tearing Down Your Blue Skies" will be out in Europe October 25th, 2004.
Check out
http://www.bhcdiecast.com for free MP3 downloads of the new songs "Fire Damage" and "Pendulum".

Paul Stoddard - vocals
Jeremy Wooden - bass
Jonathon Kita - guitar
Kirk Kolatis - guitar
Jason Costa - drums

Undo The Wicked EP- Now or Never Records 1998
Day Of Reckoning CD- Now or Never Records 2001
Tearing Down Your Blue Skies CD- Century Media Records 2004