Wednesday, September 22, 2004

KINGDOM COME - Track By Track


Following the excellent press and fans responses after the release of "Perpetual" (expect at RockUnited?), Kingdom Come frontman and band leader Lenny Wolf was kind enough to send his personal point of view on the songs included on the album: -
Gotta move now - Picturing an army of KC-fans all playing the same riff and marching towards KINGDOM COME, being interrupted by a little girl picking up ice cream she just dropped.
Hang em high - Another KC-riff supporting the argument regarding people sitting in high places, who should be responsible for their actions just like everyone else with less power. Sounds kinda naive but it's overdue. Crown of Moscow - Loving the most when you don't know her. Started out as a low key shabalaba-song with cool drums played by a ten-foot-tall, 300 pound-heavy drummer, trying to pick a flower while he's sitting on a butterfly. By the way: a true story. Time to realign - A sign of our times. Impoliteness, aggression, regrets, false hope and coolness. "Someday, somehow, you'll know what I've talked about." Can't wait to play the chorus in a 20-minute-loop till I drop. A lighthearted verse meets the brutality of the chorus. Silhouette paintings - The intro/verse-melody came about two seconds after having discovered the sitar/piano-sound. Thank god. One aspect of how I feel being gone quite often. Not always knowing where to go "catching the rainbow, reaching ground". Still feeling kinda peaceful inside, knowing my calling. With the sun in mind - Mean and heavy meets innocent and light. Lenny doing some serious "Twilight Cruising" late at night. Feeling connected with myself, can't be bothered with the sun in mind. German flowerpower.

King of nothing - Listen you all, please just listen! Jamming, building sounds, creating, changing, connecting, rearranging night after night after night. One of my all-time favorite outros. The end of all times can feel pretty good. Rather die than betray your brother. Borrowed time - No revolution meant. Just feels good in a sense of "whatever". Who has the loudest amp, or cheap-ahead can work, too. No concept, no chorus, no idea what I did. Rock and Roll. Connecting pain - I dislike the song as much as I like it. A reflection of my surroundings. Never wanted to preach or smart-ass. Unlike most rock'n'roll clichees who celebrate drugs as being cool and necessary to get your creative climax or subconscious urge to "fit in", I feel nothing but disgust and no pity for drug-users. Sorry, I ain't cool. A cheap f**king excuse for the weak. As hard as I may sound, as double-hard I am with myself. Life ain't a free ride. Get used to it. Watch the dragonfly - Thank god, whatever you may be. Shut down for a minute till I pick you up again. Float with me. Sadness feels so good. It's not just you, we're all in it. Working with athmospheric sounds continuing the Twilight Cruise. Compressed drums with a raw, monotone wall of guitars. Gentle temptation meets f**k-you-all. "Madness in disguise" Inhaling the silence - So much trendy shit around. So many tough people around. So much monkey-movement around. Soon I'm gonna throw-up and drown. Just my distant friend playing the cello and somebody behind the mountain beating the toms, while the fool on the hill is talking to butterflies and minding his own business. "Hey John, thanks for helping me through my youth"
Free Bird - Here come the strings. Feeling connected with all of you, without touching. Rather keep on falling before hitting ground. Again and again. Lots of fun, building sounds (listen carefully to the colors). A grey song with lots of undefineable sparkles. Couldn't resist the typical KC-drama at the end. The final rise. This one's for free. Stand up and crawl. "Look at me now, I'm doing allright." It's so uncommercial it should be forbidden. The distant guitar is guiding me to a peaceful emptiness that can bring so much energy. Could re-mix it for the next two years.