Saturday, September 04, 2004

Lemon New Releases For September

Shark Frenzy - Shark Frenzy CDLEM 44

Yet another unreleased album from Lemon! And in keeping with the Bon Jovi
theme of last month, we bring you Shark Frenzy; the band featuring Bon Jovi’
s guitarist Richie Sambora. Fully endorsed by Richie himself, it will
feature a very exclusive recent interview in the sleeve notes (conducted by
Classic Rocks’ Sian Llewellyn). A real treat for Bon Jovi fans, the band was
also fronted by Bruce Foster who has also played with Guns ‘N’ Roses amongst
others. All tracks on this record have never been heard before and with
Sambora’s classic guitar hooks and licks, this should be a big album amongst
rock fans the world over.

Clover - Hearts On Fire CDLEM 43

This is Clover’s 1977 follow up to “Unavailable” and coincidentally, is
Lemon Recordings’ follow up as well (CDLEM16). Once again, this record was
produced by Robert John Mutt Lange (AC/DC, Shania Twain, Def Leppard). This
was sadly the band’s last album before John McFee went on to join The Doobie
Brothers, and Huey Lewis formed the “News”. Interestingly, Clover supported
Thin Lizzy promoting “Hearts on Fire” and is the reason why Huey Lewis
performs on Lizzy’s “Live and Dangerous!” record.


Butterscott - Throwing Meatloaf At The Sky CRREV 79

What can one say about Jonathan Scott? A beloved Lo-Fi legend who has been
on both Creation and Poptones, been played on every hip radio show on three
continents, yet never released a record. A big favourite of Alan McGee, a
huge influence on EVERYONE, yet lurking in obscurity. But he enjoys it!
Since we were introduced to the wonderful world of Butterscott by the
amazing Kim Fowley, nothing has been the same, and now at last, through the
wonder of Rev-Ola NOW sound, we share the bizarre soundtrack of that
wonderful world with you. Classic pop from the Twilight Zone, an enigma
wrapped in an episode of Lancelot Link wrapped in The Banana Splits play the
Sex Pistols on your nephew's birthday guitar. You will learn to love

Best Of Friends - Daybreak CRREV 80

There aren’t many records as magical, as transcendent and as deserving of
rediscovery as this one. It’s songs conjure a perfect lost America populated
by teenage California dreamers in suede fringe jackets, Chris Hillman
haircuts, jeans and Jack Purcells, strawberry blondes in powder blue Beetles
and Arizona highways stretching toward endless summer dawns. Through a
peculiar set of circumstances (most far beyond the control of their
creators) these recordings have come to bewitch rare groove hunters, soft
rock diggers and collectors of folk and Americana to a sweet madness, but
they’ve never had what would be called an "official" release until now.
Daybreak has attained “holy grail” status amongst record collectors, it's
associations with Left Banke producer Harry Lookofsky and his friend, the
Brazilian genius of arranging, Deodato, being the icing on the cake! Making
it’s first official appearance on CD, this surely is a collection of genius
songs, all but lost....