Wednesday, September 22, 2004

MTM Compilation

MTM are proud to announce the new anniversary MTM compilation Volume 10   which features unreleased material only! Track: 1 is a new sensation with the act  RELAPSE, better known as former CITA and GUILD OF AGES. SHY is contributing a   brand new song and the DARE and FATE tracks are live recordings from the  DEEP IMPACT open air festival in Munich this summer.  SHYLOCK, SIN, ZENO, EDGE OF FOREVER, SEVEN WISHES, RPM, are contributing new   and unreleased material. While new MTM signings are introducing themselves with advanced tracks from their forthcoming releases. Here's the full tracklist:

01. RELAPSE - All In All
02. MARTIE PETERS GROUP - The Beast Inside
03. SHYLOCK - Farewell (unreleased - dedicated to Thomas Häßler)
04. FATE - Everything About You (unreleased / forthcoming album)
05. BRUNOROCK - Pray For Rain (unreleased / forthcoming album)
06. SIN - Never Change (unreleased / dedicated to Thomas Häßler)
07. SHY - I Will Be Home (unreleased / forthcoming album "Sunset And Vine")
08. SEVEN WHISHES - Cross My Heart (unreleased / forthcoming album)
09. ZENO - Call Of The Heart (unreleased / forthcoming album "Zenology II")
10. EDGE OF FOREVER - Snake Eyes (unreleased)
11. RPM - How Do I get You (unreleased / recent album "RPM")
12. RHAPSODY SWEDEN - I've Done All I Can (unreleased)
13. NOVAK - Save Me (unreleased / forthcoming album)
14. JANI LANE - Lay Your Hands On Me (unreleased /"Tribute To Bon Jovi")
15. MISTY MAY - Reality (unreleased /)
16. DARE - Into The Fire (Rough Mix / live recorded at DEEP IMPACT FESTIVAL
MUNICH 2004) 5:28
17. FATE - Everything About You (Rough Mix / live recorded at DEEP IMPACT