Friday, September 24, 2004

New Karmageddon Signing: Flesh Made Sin

proudly present Holland’s youngest Thrash sensation Flesh Made Sin to their roster. After storming the underground with two self-financed releases, numerous live performances and two successful mini-tours Flesh Made Sin teamed up with Karmageddon Media for the first official full length album, to be entitled "Dawn of the Stillborn". Plain and honest aggression that goes straight for the kill. Flesh Made Sin combines more mature and well balanced ripping Thrash Metal with an excellent live reputation to pursue their quest to conquer the rest of the world.
Official statement from the band:Finally we found some lost souls daring to release the first full-length assault of Flesh Made Sin. We really appreciate the offer of Karmageddon Media to let us spit our ripping Thrash-metal to a higher level and a bigger audience. The thrashed up mirror of today's reality. Murder and suicide go hand in hand with malignancy and horror. The eyes of god have been closed upon us. Watch the flesh commit the sin. Envy the stillborn, for they bare the gift of unlife. The true salvation !  * Dawn of the Stillborn is scheduled to be released on the 15th of November through Karmageddon Media. * For more information, visit the band’s official website :