Monday, September 06, 2004

New signing: Chain Collector

Sound Riot Records is very proud to announce the signing of CHAIN

The men behind CHAIN COLLECTOR are the singer Kjetil Nordhus (Green
Carnation & Trail Of Tears), drummer Anders Kobro (Green Carnation,
Carpathian Forest & In The Woods), guitarist Gøran Bomann
(Carpathian Forest), guitarist Kjell Jacobsen and the additional
musician Endre Kirkesola on bass/keyboards that have also played on
Green Carnation previously. The band will enter at Dub Studio (used
by Green Carnation, Blood Red Throne) to record the still untitled
album; it will feature 10 or 11 songs. The debut is scheduled for a
worldwide release in early 2005. This album has a lot to offer: a
strong feeling for melodies combined with perfect musicality of high
profile artists which the experience is quite wide, that is one thing
the band take advantage of and put it into their music.

Fans of Green Carnation who long for the songs to be shorter and
heavier, this is your dream come true.
Hel &