Wednesday, September 15, 2004

ORPHANED LAND - First ever video-clip!

ORPHANED LAND - First ever video-clip!

Six months after the release of the majestic milestone "Mabool - The Story Of The Three Sons Of Seven", Israel´s ORPHANED LAND are about to offer their first ever video clip "Ocean Land". Vocalist Kobi Farhi:

"Hello everyone and Shalom from the Orphaned Land of Israel! Finally after many years we filmed a video clip, to the song "Ocean Land" from our latest album "Mabool", it's our first video clip ever! It was a very hard day of working and we were on set for 18 hours. We had two different locations:

1. In the sea (where we bumped into hundred of Medusa jellyfish! It was very tough and we remained brave, but got wounded)
2. Underwater shots in a swimming pool - I had to sing for hours under the water, I drank so much pool water, yuck! We also filmed Matti playing a guitar solo under the water.

We were working with a very famous theatre actress named Hila Vidor and she was unbelievable, it was an inspiring adventure to work with her. If you ask me, she is the Queen of the sea! I think that it's a great video and it's about time that you will all be able to watch it and judge for yourself very soon." On August 26th 2004 ORPHANED LAND performed at Metalist Festival in Tel Aviv, Israel. Kobi: "It was a tribute show and a decade celebration for our debut release, Sahara. We are also about to close two shows in Greece for 15th & 16th of January. And we are still negotiating for Brazil, Mexico & Turkey." If you haven´t heard one of the best records of this year yet you better check out "Mabool - The Story Of The Three Sons Of Seven". Join a great musical adventure of melodic metal combined with fantastic Oriental instruments and moods.