Thursday, September 09, 2004

ZENO re-issue in November:

MTM CLASSIX is proud to announce the re-release of ZENO's debut album "Zeno": ZENO ROTH is the younger brother of ULI JOHN ROTH who played with SCORPIONS. In 1974 he formed the band BLACK ANGEL. In 1984 he formed the band ZENO with ULE RITGEN (FAIR WARNING). They started recording for the first album Zeno in 1985 by using many recording studios all over the world. CHUCK BURGI, STUART ELLIOT, CARL MARSH, DON AIREY and also CHRIS THOMPSON joined this recording. ZENO toured with BLACK SABBATH, KROKUS, KEEL and also played a festival with QUEEN in UK. In 1993 the album ZENO was released in Japan. It caused a sensation in the current music scene, selling more than 25.000 copies. In 1995 Zenology was released and sold over 30.000 copies and reached the charts. In December 1997 the third album Listen To The Light was completed and released in Japan in January 1998. Sales until March: 40.000 copies! First appearance on Japanese charts: 26 in the whole album charts. 6 in Foreign Music Charts, Number 2 in Rock Music Charts.
MTM CLASSIX is now re-releasing his debut album Zeno which is known as a sold out and sought after AOR Highlight. The album is completely remixed and remastered and feat. one bonustrack Dont Count Me Out. Beside this Zeno features unreleased versions of the songs Signs In The Sky, Far Away, Dont Tell The Wind and Love Will Live which have been recorded to get the deal with EMI.
Release in November: Because of some delays we have to postpone the long awaited release of GREENHOUZE. Here are the November releases:
ZENO "Zeno" 08.11.2004 MTM COMPILATION "Volume 10" release: 15.11.2004 RPM "RPM" release: 22.11.2004