Saturday, October 16, 2004

Brazen Abbot - News

Frontiers Records proudly announce they have signed a multi album worldwide deal with Nikolo Kotzev and Brazen Abbot! The first step of the new partnership will be the release of a Live CD / DVD package aptly entitled A Decade Of Brazen Abbot. Following the release of the last Brazen Abbot studio album, the critically acclaimed Guilty As Sin, the band had for the first time the possibility to be embarked on a tour in Nikolo Kotzev's home country Bulgaria. The shows held in Varna, Sofia and Plovdiv were both filmed and recorded by a professional crew and the result is the testament to a great tour with amazing shows and great performances by all.

The line up featured on the album and the DVD includes: Nikolo Kotzev on guitars; Joe Lynn Turner on vocals; Wayne Banks on bass; Lars Pollack on keyboards and Thomas Broman on drums. The musical documentary on the DVD is 1 hour and 47 minutes long, featuring images and sound from the various concerts held, TV appearances as well as some older pictures and interviews with Nik and all the singers that were part of Brazen Abbot during the years (Jorn Lande, Glenn Hughes, Goran Edman and of course Joe Lynn Turner), apparitions on the Bulgarian TV and more! The songs performed live on the DVD include: 1. Mr. Earthman, 2. Slip Away, 3. Supernatural, 4. Feeling Like A Rolling Stone, 5. Jamsession (Nik, Joe, Jeff Paris and Jorgen Carlsson) 6. Stone Cold, 7. Guilty As Sin, 8. I Surrender, 9. Can't Let You Go, 10. I'll Be Free, 11. One Life To Live, 12. Road To Hell. The DVD will be released on the NTSC Region Free format.