Tuesday, October 05, 2004

GHOST MACHINERY - Neo-classical Power Metal from Finland

GHOST MACHINERY is the best gift of the vocalist/guitarist Pete Ahonen, best known as the frontman for the Finnish Metal outfit BURNING POINT from Limb Records. GHOST MACHINERY specializes, with a top-notch performance, in a majestic and melodic Euro-Power Metal from nowadays. It has great songs, pleasantly well-executed vocals, excellent playing, technically demanding guitar solos, and lush production. The songwriting is powerful and it is consistent from the first note to the last. You can find some slower tracks, a ballad and everything else is fast. There isn´t a bad, or even mediocre, track to be found on this album. Special mention must be given to "World of Unbelievers" and "Temples Of Gold" which are truly glorious and inspiring tracks. The Ahonen's compositional skills are also at their peak, the lyrics contribute the most to the overall feel of the music. This album is destined to be as nothing less than a classic in the genre of Neo-classical Metal. Release October 11.
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