Tuesday, October 19, 2004

HEALER - The Ultimate Cure?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Los Angeles, California: Former WHITE ZOMBIE drummer Ivan de Prume and CIRQUE du SOLEIL violinist Martin St-Pierre announce the formation of their new band HEALER. Also featured are: Cherokee Indian Scott Von Heldt (Theater of Madness, Kurai) vocals and guitar,acclaimed vocalist Kate St-Pierre (LA Opera, Shamans Dream) and bassist Nial McGaughy (3D House of Beef, 16). Drummer Ivan de Prume expresses his excitement about the new project. For me, music has to come from within. It's important to express what is inside you, and convey that honestly through the music. In bringing together the musicians that make up HEALER, it was real important to find the right people that could connect and bring this kind of energy to life.

HEALER certainly does just that it is at once epic and beautiful, combining a power and positivity that is refreshingly different for heavy music. The energy that HEALER presents is unique two distinct voices, a soaring violin and a primal backline combine to form a seamless soundscape of exotic Middle Eastern melodies enmeshed with heavy overtones. The diverse musical backgrounds that contribute to the sound of HEALER come together to create an intensely creative journey. For more information visit