Thursday, October 07, 2004

How about a QUIET RIOT???

QUIET RIOT, the band who introduced the world to their groundbreaking #1 selling album "Metal Health," are back after an eighteen month absence. Driven by vocalist KEVIN DUBROW, powered by drummer FRANKIE BANALI, both Quiet Riot founding members, the band is now fueled by longtime Quiet Riot contributing bassist Chuck Wright and energized with Beautiful Creatures, Bang Tango guitarist Alex Grossi to bring you their prescription for Metal Health. Quiet Riot have entered into an equitable and legal agreement with bassist RUDY SARZO, now with Dio, making it possible for the continuation of the group. Former guitarist CARLOS CAVASO has chosen not to participate. Everyone concerned wishes each other continued success. Quiet Riot will be releasing their first ever official live CD Quiet Riot Live & Rare in January 2005. It will include tracks from their 1983 Metal Health tour and the 1984 Condition Critical tour as well as three rare 1981 "demo" tracks for their "Metal Health" release.