Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Following the excellent press and fan responses after the release of "Lost In The Translation", Jeff Scott Soto speaks about the songs included on his brand new album : Believe In Me - This 1 is about having someone you can truly trust in a world where it's difficult to find. It's also about letting your guard down with someone new after coming out of a bad relationship. Soul Divine - This 1 is about not realizing what one has until it's gone. Sometimes in life we take for granted how good things really are & stop working to make it grow, but once you lose it, you realize the grass is NEVER greener on the other side.

Drowning - This 1 is about being a very controlled, imprisoning relationship where the partner gives no room to walk or breathe. If This Is The End - This is about a relationship that has inevitably come to an end, yet there seems to always be reason found not to completely close the book. Lost In The Translation - This is about an offering to so many woman in society today just looking to have fun without commitment. The lyrics vow no need to worry about falling in love or getting attached. Pure fantasy. Doin' Time - This is about the sexuality & the love combined, the animalistic side of a loving relationship. High Time - This is a subtle lyric about escaping the stranglehold of drugs. I wrote it about so many I've known & seen addicted to substances but finally broke free from it. Beginning To End - This 1 was written as a tribute to all the men & woman who have recently left their loved ones for the call of duty. So many years I can only relate leaving home to tour with a band so the emotions in this are 1000 times harder when there's a chance you may never see each other again.

On My Own - This is about not putting up with someone's lies anymore, finally breaking away to live a normal life. Find Our Way - This is about losing your way, your faith in life & love, about reaching for someone to help you come back to the innocence you once knew as a child when everything was easier & happier. Sacred Eyes - This 1 is about escaping with your partner to another world, a paradise that only exists in dreams, a getaway from the dark realities we live everyday. Dulce Lady - This 1 is another sexuality lyric that just gets to the point in what everyone wants  every once in a while.