Thursday, October 14, 2004


Jesse Damon recently took time out to run us through his new album "Nothin Else Matters" which was officially released in Europe on October 6th to critically acclaim by the music press. Jesse's insight to each track can be found below.
'What Your Doin' To Me'  Contemporary hard rock track with raw guitars, and gritty vocals. This song is heavier than my previous Material, and fits somewhere between my Hand That Rocks CD, and Silent Rage's "Still Alive" album. This song is about all the cheats and cons of this world, and I let em' know that I know what their doin' to me! 'Messin' With My Head' Upbeat rock track with a slight modern punk edge, main hooks are slide guitar, and catchy chorus, good solid production. Hints of Blink 182 and Greenday. This song is about the cliché girl that prick teases, but says "lets just be friends," bull shit to that, she's messin' with my head! 'Good Life'  Modern contemporary rock track with strong melodic vocals, interesting and different style arrangement with a hard rock edge, and a signature style Jesse Damon guitar solo. Rivals the likes of Velvet Revolver, and Evanescence. This song is about finally achieving the good life with the person you want, and never having to look back again. 'Don't You Know' Melodic rock track with a ballad style verse, and an explosive chorus, along with emotional vocals and blazing guitar solo makes this standout song a key fit for a soundtrack placement, ala Spiderman Soundtrack song "Hero." This song is about rivalry,  and the kind of jealousy it can create! 'I Want You' Modern rock track with energy and enthusiasm, killer power chord guitars, and addictive chorus, this is strong song, reminiscent of Sammy Hagar and a Y&T tune? This song is about animal magnetism, lust, and going after it!

'Your My Reason For Livin' Dark melodic pop-rock track, written by Gene Simmons. This laid back semi-ballad highlights Jesse's vocals, complimenting it's catchy arrangement, and features an acoustic guitar solo. This song is about a love story that wasn't meant to be! 'Fame that's callin' Contemporary modern rock track with a melodic 3-part harmony style chorus. Has a flavour and contrast of style, sounding like Goo Goo Dolls meets Cheap Trick. This song is about following your dreams of making it big as a rock star! 'Nothin else matters', Melodic rock track with a darker feel to it, and this one has a heavier verse with a very addictive chorus. This song is the title track of the album, and sends the message I'll do what ever it takes to reach my goal but not with out the one I love! 'Where you goin', Dark melodic pop ballad. This song is diverse in it's feel and arrangement and has a pink floyd quality to it. Acoustically driven, with the bass as a major highlight! This song is about asking the person you were with where are they going, why are they leaving! 'Rains with fire' Electronic hard rock track that has some strange sound effects and has a very floating style chorus vocals. Classic Silent Rage lead vocals style on the verses of this one. This song is about arriving in heaven, what you see, and what it feels like once your there! Jesse will be announcing some UK dates in the UK during 2004,