Sunday, October 03, 2004

MAJESTIC ROCK - New Releases

Rising phoenix like from the ashes, WAYSTED return to active duty in 2004 with the comeback record to end all comeback records! 'BACK FROM THE DEAD' is explosive and exciting, hard rocking and joyous. With the classic bad boys club of Pete Way, Paul Chapman and original vocalist Fin back know it's gonna be fun! Recorded in the USA and the UK and mixed by AOR demi-God Robin George, this is that rare beast - a reunion album that was well worth the wait!
Released Week beginning October 25th

After three years away from the scene, Gothenburg, Sweden's Hard Rock monsters MILLION return with their highly anticipated fifth studio album 'KINGSIZE'. With a new label and new management under their belts, things are looking good for the band.and they have delivered their finest album to date! Recorded in Gothenburg, the album is pure hard rock, steeped in the very finest traditions of the genre. Lovers of classy European melodic hard rock will find much to admire here! Anyone who bought the excellent '2004' EP will already know 'On And On' and 'Fight You Forever'. Now, prepare to get up close and personal with classic hard rock tracks like 'Eyes Of A King', 'Rock n' Roll Nation' and 'Those Eyes'. Make no mistake, these are the finest songs the band has ever written!
Expect the press reaction to this album to be extremely positive, as the '2004' EP has given everybody some idea of what to expect.  You can also expect to see the band out on tour in support of this new album.

Originally released in 1982, SHIVA' s debut album for Heavy Metal Records 'FIREDANCE' is widely regarded as a NWOBHM classic. Now, twenty-two years later, comes the band's follow up release 'Continuance'. Culled from the recordings that were begun for the band's proposed second album for Heavy Metal Records and demos recorded at various times during that period, the album shows the band's vaguely Rush styled hard rock in it's best possible light. SHIVA were a class apart from the average NWOBHM act - and this album proves it!