Thursday, October 07, 2004

MTM news

Here is a short recording / release update from :
Former PUSH singer Martie Peters already finished his debut solo album MPG "Martie Peters Group" which will be scheduled in January 31st worldwide. Hewill perform a few shows together with Mike Tramp in Denmark in October. The GREENHOUZE album which was already announced for November is now scheduled for mid January / February. SHY finished their new album "Sunset And Vine" and the band has the mastering date this Wednesday so that the album is ready to be released most probably in early February. Check out the new MTM COMPILATION Volume 10 which features a new SHY song! After the re-release of the ZENO cult debut "Zeno" his brand new album "Zenology II" is already recorded and the release will be parallel to the Japanese release date. Also scheduled for early 2005: the guys from SEVEN WISHES finished their new album "Destination: Alive", NOVAK "Forever Endeavour", BRUNOROCK "Interaction" and the new EDGE OF FOREVER album "Let The Demon Rock 'N'
Roll" is already recorded and Bob Harris will do the vocals late October. This album is produced by Bobby Barth who will do another great production! This album should be ready for a release in May 2005. More news soon.

HEARTPLAY is talking about "Where The Deadends Meet":
Kimmo Blom and Sakari Salli: "The whole project started actually last year when our first album gained some attention. This brough us together after a few years silence. Sakari had already some musical ideas waiting for the right context. When the details concerning our deal were settled we started the pre-production in Sakari's studio. Basicly we "jammed" the songs throwing ideas in and arranged them following our instincts and not being tied to some certain style or genre. This is the general idea behind Heartplay. We want to explore our musical ideas wherever it might lead us,take for example " Silhouettes". Recording itself went smoothly and was mainly a great fun. The songs really started to fly and we seemed to have a mutual understanding how each song should be played. Speedy Saarinen (our recording and mixing engineer) really did an excellent job given the time he had.
There's plenty of emotional variety on this album, from a straight forward rock to deeper moods. Every song stands on its own and has certain edge. No fillers on this album!!! The title is about standing in the crossroad and being able to get another chance to start over again". Helsinki, October 2004 Some signed HEARTPLAY booklets are available on