Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Here is an update about the upcoming Retroactive releases you have been salivating over. As you are probably already aware, the August releases never made it out in August. Instead, they have been rescheduled for November. The following 5 releases will be available for your listening pleasure in November:

BELIEVER - SANITY OBSCURE (classic reissue with IYF demo track as bonus)
BRIDE - SNAKES ALIVE (high-quality Cornerstone '92 show)
REGIME - STRAIGHT THROUGH YOUR HEART (ex-Soldier classic metal)
REZ - DMZ (classic reissue)
SACRAMENT - Testimony of Apocalypse (includes the Presumed Dead 7-track demo)

Additionally, the following releases will be available in December:
BELIEVER - DIMENSIONS (classic reissue with 3 bonus live tracks recorded October 31, 1989: "Blemished Sacrifices", "The Chosen", "Stress"), BRAINCHILD - MINDWARP (classic reissue), CIRCLE OF DUST - S/T (reissue of '92 version with 5-track Immortal demo Dead and Buried; tentatively will include an additional unreleased Immortal track space-permitting), FINAL AXE - BEYOND HELLS GATES (classic metal pre-Titanic), HAVEN - AGE OF DARKNESS (classic reissue with several unreleased bonus tracks from Kevin Ayers' hard rock band Thunderbucket), RESURRECTION BAND - MOMMY DOESN'T LOVE DADDY ANYMORE (classic reissue), SEVENTH ANGEL - LAMENT FOR THE WEARY (classic reissue with extensive notes by Nick Bolton), SEVENTH ANGEL - THE TORMENT (classic reissue with extensive notes by Nick Bolton). All of these releases have been digitally remastered for maximum audio clarity and will be limited to 1000 units each.