Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sonic Age Records News

SONIC AGE records, is in the final stage of signing an one album deal with the Polish band HELLFIRE. The band has released in the past a self-financed CD entitled "Recoffination". The style of HELLFIRE will cause shock to all KING DIAMOND / ANNIHILATOR fans that really miss the first albums of these acts. The title of the album will be "Requiem for my Bride" and it will contain the following songs: 01. Fallen Mary, 02. Road To Hell, 03. The House, 04. Needle Dance, 05. Twist Of Knife, 06. Wired Tale / Deadly Lullaby, 07. Insidious Treat, 08. Defection, 09. ...The Answer. The line up of HELLFIRE is : Tomasz Twardowski - Vocals, Grzegorz Olejnik - Drums, Jakub Olejnik - Lead Guitar, Artur Grabowski - Lead Guitar, Tomasz Weglewski - Bass Guitar

 - At last!! The mighty return of a U.S. metal legend like OVERLORDE is reality! Their long awaited debut full-length CD "Return of the Snow Giant", will be out on the 17th of December by SONIC AGE records. The final song order is this: 01. And the Battle Begins... , 02. Snow Giant, 03. Hell Hath No Fury, 04. Starcastle, 05. When he Comes, 06. Metallic Madness, 07. Blackness, 08. Ogre Wizard, 09. Mark of the Wolf, 10. My Disease, 11. Trapped by Magic, 12. Colossus (Island of the Cyclops), 13. Overlorde
- The debut same-titled album of MADE OF IRON, will be released on 17th of December too and it will contain 9 pure heavy metal dynamites in the vein of IRON MAIDEN/ SAXON/ JUDAS PRIEST. The final song order is this: 01. Fight for the Cross...Die for Jerusalem, 02. The Storm just Began, 03. Made of Iron, 04. The Alchemist, 05. Never Deny Your Fate, 06. Peace in Flames, 07. Time to Repent, 08. Gates to Purgatory, 09. King of All Kings