Tuesday, October 26, 2004


SONIC X will finally have their self titled debut released in 7
days time, the much anticipated album has

already been receiving rave reviews on the most respected internet
sites and European press.

Joe and Adam from SONIC X gave us a brief track by track insight
into their awesome debut...

1. News for You - This song has a dark moody feel, with a tight
aggressive groove. It's about being pissed off at various people as
we were at the time. Metaphoric lyrics, chunky guitars, and a
powerful rhythm section move this track.

2. City Of Sin - City of Sin is a dark metaphoric account of what I
was going through when we were trying to break into the music
industry. The overall vibe of this one is dark, western, and seedy.
I love it.

3. Two Sides - This song is about a girl I once knew who was trying
to get my girl, at that time, to become an escort for extra money.
So when I heard the opening riff and the groove, this one wrote
itself. Of course the names have been changed to protect the
innocent (Or the guilty) which ever you choose.

4. Witches Den - The riff in this song just rips your head right
off. From start to finish it just plain rocks. It was written about
late night dealings with people and things that shouldn't be.

5. Lonely Heart - Another moody song about being in love with some
one who isn't in love with you, yet you kid your self into thinking
it's not true because "Your Lonely Heart Can't Take The Pain". The
throbbing bass line and rock solid drums move this track right
along, more of the tight harmonized guitars.

6. Obsession - Starts off with strong guitars in harmony into a nice
chunky rhythm, building to a strong chorus. The song is about a
woman I was completely and utterly obsessed with, only thing is, I
was with someone else.

7. Seasons Change - Big ballad with lots of hooks. This song is all
about love lost and how you look back on it and try to heal.

8. Broken Wings - Big guitars, rolling base line, Bonham like drums,
soaring vocals, this song is all about chasinga dream and people
telling you, you can't make it.

9. Feed the Flame - This song is all about addiction and how it
controls your mind. With it's dark eerie guitars,

off time drum outro, pulsating bass, and seething vocals you have to
listen to this one in the dark.

further news concerning the band will be posted at the Z Records
site later this week including the launch of the bands official