Thursday, November 18, 2004

Frontiers News:

Frontiers Records is pleased to present TOMMY FUNDERBURK’s debut album “Anything For You”, to be released worldwide in January 2005 !   Tommy Funderburk has been one of the most hired background singers in the history of rock! He had recording sessions with artists such as Motley Crue, Whitesnake, Yes, Steve Lukather, Richard Marx, Rick Springfield, Starship, REO Speedwagon, Coverdale/Page, Jon Anderson and many others... But he is also widely known in the melodic rock and AOR circles for the contribution to timeless classic albums such as AIRPLAY (with Jay Graydon and David Foster) in 1979, The Front in 1984, What If in 1987 and for his two albums with King of Hearts: the duo he created with Richard Marx’s guitar player Bruce Gaitsch.   He also sang lead vocals of BOSTON’s album “Walk On” in 1994.   Tommy is now one of the founding members of the new US-based label Sovereign Artists who has recently released the HEART’s return album “Jupiter’s Darling”.


In the meanwhile he started to work on his first solo album recorded under the guidance of producer Fabrizio V.Zee Grossi (Glenn Hughes, House of Lords etc.). Aptly titled "Anything For You", the album features several songs co-written by Tommy with the likes of Michael Thompson, Bruce Gaitsch and Greg Mathieson which are a delight for all lovers of classic melodic rock and AOR in the style of Toto, Richard Marx and King of Hearts.   Full tracklisting is as follows:   Learning How To Love; Remember Our Love (click to hear an Mp3 sample - also featured on the Rock The Bones Vol. II compilation); Anything For You; Only You Can Give Me (click to hear an Mp3 sample); To Say You Love Me; You Got The Love (click to hear an Mp3 sample); Skin; The Garden; Second Chance; Say A Little Prayer.   Release in Europe is scheduled on Frontiers Records on January 24th 2005, while the Japanese release will happen slightly earlier on King Records.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


The Big News is that the JAZAN WILD cd is now done and being mastered. It was produced by none other than the legendary Bob Kulick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw Bob at the Gene Simmons Asshole release party and thought how cool would it be if he would produce the cd. (Bob is currently producing Paul Stanley's new solo cd)  Curt Cuomo had become very busy working with Guns and Roses, that I know I had to find a new producer. I love Curt and think the world of him, (I co-wrote 3 song with him on this cd) but I knew it would take to long to get the cd done at his studio. Seeing Bob at Gene's Party was fate. I didn't talk to him until 3 weeks later. He is the most incredible person. I knew I was in good hands right from the start. It was a match made in heaven and the results speak for themselves.

Please check out the sound clips on the music page at We will be shopping the cd to labels and hope to have it released soon!!!!!!!!!!! On the comic book front! , all the art is done and we hope to release the book at the same time as the cd. I am so proud of both these creations, I everyone digs it!!!!!!!--- I want to give a special thanks to Joop at (find a link on the links page). He has been very supportive and a great guy. He will have a super cool Bob Kulick interview in their 50th issue out this month. There will also be a JAZAN WILD mention as well. You can also see a picture of me and Eric Singer in last months KissKollector issue.---

Italian Drum Queen Introduces Her New Band

-- The Spins, the new electro-pop project of Alessia Mattalia - the most renowned Italian female drummer - will release their first EP "Hello Baby" on November 15. "The keyboardist writes fine music, played by a stunning drummer and an enviable singer," Musica, weekly magazine of Italian newspaper La Repubblica writes. The Spins is an Italian female fronted pop band formed in March this year by Alessia Mattalia, the most well-known female drummer in Italy. Along with the only Italian woman ever
featured by Modern Drummer magazine (!), the band consists of Marcello Giordano on keyboards, 17 year old singer Elisabetta
Beiletti from Puerto Rico and two of the busiest Italian session musicians, Michele Manzo on bass and Andrea Fantuzzi.

Consisting of musicians with as diverse influences as Toto, The Beatles, The Who and Kraftwerk, The Spins is one of them lucky groups of people who don't have the harassing thought of 'making a hit'. "This way, you can focus on art, experimenting musical solutions that not necessarily are commercial, but can explain the desire of the artist to attempt to make real music," keyboard player Marcello Giordano explains. "At least this is what we are aiming at." "Judging from my students, I'm different because I still practice every day, and I think that the worst thing for a musician is to succeed without being a decent player," Alessia Mattalia adds. "Am I wrong? In any case, in Italy I'm quite often referred to as 'the queen of double bass drum', even though I don't feel as 'metallic' as I have been described sometimes." "Hello Baby" will be available through from November 15.

News Press - My Sixth Shadow

Goth Rockers My Sixth Shadow sign for the new album with Watch Me Fall Records The italian label already worked on the release of other 2 great Goth/Rock acts: Second Lass & Shamrain (founded by members of Greyscale and feautring Mika Tauriainen, singer of Entwine). The long awaited full lenght
"Lovefading Innocence", mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios (Helsinki, Finland) will come out on January 2005 featuring 12 brand new tracks and the cover song of "With or without you" by U2. The album will be marketed worldwide by Masterpiece with its distribution channels. Some pre-listen demo-songs are available on the official website: . A brand new website will be uploaded during december featuring multimedia improvements, a new photo gallery, members section, online store, merchandse and a full working Street Team system.


SONIC AGE records proudly announces that OVERLORDE will play for the first time live in Europe at KIT IV on April 2nd 2005!!! After so many years in the metal underground, OVERLORDE are provided a unique chance to give everyone in Europe what they deserve. A live show that includes bands like SATAN, DEADLY BLESSING and AGENT STEEL as headliners!!! Come April 2005, their new album "Return of the Snow Giant" will have taken metalheads by "snow storm". So be there to bang your head with the old and new breath taking tunes of OVERLORDE!!!
The full lineup currently is:

KEEP IT TRUE IV Masters Of Metal April 2nd 2005 Lauda-Koenigshofen, Tauberfrankenhalle Germany

(Original Line Up/First Time In Europe)
(First Time In Europe)
(First Time In Germany)
(First Time In Europe)

One Opener and one co-headliner To-Be-Announced. Additional information will be updated at in the next few days. The MP3 of OVERLORDE's song "Snow Giant" (click to download MP3)  has now reached over 600 downloads.

mtm news: RPM

Robert White Johnson talks about his RPM re-release due in November 22nd: Robert White Johnson: "First and foremost, a heartfelt thanks to all the fans who have helped 'keep the music alive' by supporting bands like RPM as well as countless others over the years. It's a pleasure to now be able to share our first record project on CD as well as six additional tracks that have never before been released in any form. The bonus tracks that have been included in this release lend a significant historical as well as musical perspective to RPM. "The songs,"ON AGAIN, OFF AGAIN" and "OH, OH PAMELA" were recorded soon after touring to support our debut album sometime in 1982. This was the first time that the band had produced itself in the studio. There had been some creative differences with our first producer Brent, and being the classy first rate guy he was, he let us do our own thing. An inevitable chain of events I suppose. Anyway these two songs were recorded at Creative Workshop Studios in Nashville where we also did our first record so the territory was quite familiar.

However, there are glimpses into the future with these recordings as we experimented more with special effects on the backing
vocals in addition to the guitar work. These two songs could also be described as a musical bridge of sorts to the future as I'll describe more later. The instrumentation for these two songs were the same as this, our first record with Mark Gendel on guitars, Jimmie Lee on bass, keys and backing vocals and Tommy wells on drums. Something else that's noteworthy regarding our first record project on EMI, "RPM," there were four songs from the project that were also covered by other major artists, an accomplishment that rarely happened back then in the rock world. "A LEGEND NEVER DIES" was recorded by the band BLACKFOOT
featuring Ricky Medlock on Atco/Atlantic records. This was a fun but also a strange moment as I was asked to help sing and arrange the backing vocals for their version in Atlanta that was produced by legendary producer Eddie Offord. The track "2+2" was covered by legendary rock singer Johnny Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd family & fame for his debut solo Geffen record release. This event actually led to an almost 20 year creative and personal friendship between Johnny and myself. It was a couple of years later that I
went on to produce and CO-write the "Brickyard Road" single and CD for Johnny on Atlantic Records that spawned the # 1 rock hit for 3 weeks in a row in the US. "RENDEZVOUS", the third cover from our first album was also
recorded by TYGERS OF PANG TANG.

This track was not only a successful single for them in the UK and Europe, it was also included in their Greatest Hits package. Interestingly enough a few years later while we were recording our second RPM LP in London at Trevor Horn's studio SARM, I was having dinner during a break and sitting next to me by complete surprise was Peter Collins, who had produced the TYGERS OF PANG TANG version. It was a fun moment! Last but not least, the song "YOU," was recorded by Mark Farner, lead singer of GRAND FUNK. This was for a solo project he was working on. It was a personal thrill for me since I had always been such a fan of his. Mark
even tracked me down to discuss the song, so we were able to speak on the phone. He was very complimentary of the song, the band and my voice but asked me about the key of the song. Seems as though he had a bit of a tough time doing it in the same key as it was very high. He was relieved when he found out that I later demanded the band lower the key a half step so I could sing it live without killing myself!!! It was one of those things where you start out recording a track on a good day, then after the track is
mostly done you start asking yourself ,"What in the hell did I do" am I going to sing this thing live?"?? Live and learn......

With regard to the other four bonus tracks, since I already described the first two; these were actually recorded in 1985 after our second project on Warner Brothers was released in 1984. These were also the last things we did creatively as a group before we
disbanded. Our second record for Warner Bros. was recorded with Gary Langan (of YES/ART OF NOISE fame) engineering and CO-producing with the band, at Trevor Horn's studios SARM, in London. We had spent upwards of a year and a half on writing and recording the second project in the hope of getting it just right. Because of massive competition within the label (Warners) at the time with releases from VAN HALEN / "1984" , ZZ TOP/"ELIMINATOR"as well as "PURPLE RAIN" by Prince, it just wasn't meant to be, even though the band received high critical acclaim. The tracks "DEEPER THAN LOVE" / "HANDS" / "EVERY HEART YOU BREAK" & "HOW DO I GET YOU" were recorded at the famed studio 'The Castle' outside of Nashville. Having recorded with Trevor Horn's right hand/engineer, Gary Langan, we were bent on delving even further musically and sonically speaking. All tracks were produced by Mark, Jimmie and myself as our drummer Tommy had left at that point. It was a very tough time for drummers in general at that time because of all the drum machines and of Fairlight (our particular instrument of choice at that time). Because I was also an ex-drummer, I overdubbed live cymbals & percussion to make these particular tracks feel more live.

There are elements that are reminiscent of our first album especially in the tracks, "DEEPER THAN LOVE" as well as "EVERY HEART
YOU BREAK" at times. Sonically speaking these bonus tracks rock since technology had come light years since our first project just a few years previous. The Castle Studios had purchased the latest and the best of everything. The owners, the Nuyen family originally from Belgium, brought a very fresh attitude and creative mindset to town. It was perfect for where our heads were at. While we were able to spend a good deal of time putting down the rough tracks and the overdubs, mixing was another story. The 'A' room was getting booked solid and so we had to go for it. These four songs were mixed in one day and all night...................! We had never done this before but the result was amazing. To this day, these mixes stand up remarkably. Our engineer Giles hung in there with us for over 24 hours. Not long afterward, the group decided to split. I'm sure everyone has their own story or reason so I won't get into that, but it was a great experience while it lasted. Jimmie and I actually first got together in 1979 as a duo and started writing songs which led to Mark coming to town from Toronto, Canada in 1980 adding a tougher rock edge to what we did. Tommy, from Detroit had been originally our session drummer of choice and a natural fit for the band. I came from northern Illinois and told my wife when we first came to Nashville in 1978, "If I ever talk about joining/starting another rock band, swiftly kick me in the ass." She didn't kick me and I'm glad we formed RPM, a group of extremely talented individuals whom I'll always be grateful in knowing and having the chance to have worked with. Enjoy the music, and as it loud!!! p.s. Thank you Mario Lehmann (MTM MUSIC) for your unending appreciation for RPM and great rock music in general as well as for your perserverance in
tracking me down to get this project done!"


QUIET RIOT  - Live & Rare

will be releasing their live CD "QUIET RIOT Live & Rare - Vol. 1" on January 18, 2005, through Cleopatra/Deadline Records. The material is a compilation of live recordings from various concert performances during their 1983 "Metal Health" and 1984 "Condition Critical" world tours. There are also three rare original and previously unreleased studio demo tracks recorded in 1981 which were later re-recorded and appeared on the group's debut record "Metal Health."

Included in this release are live versions of two rarely heard QUIET RIOT songs. "Danger Zone" which was part of the group's live set for a short time and recorded for the Metal Health record but never completed, and "Gonna Have A Riot" originally a Randy Rhoads era QUIET RIOT track which was also part of the band's 1983 shows.The track listing is: 1984: LET'S GET CRAZY - CONDITION CRITICAL - ! RUN FOR COVER - SWINGING LUMBER - WINNERS TAKE ALL - CUM ON FEEL THE NOIZE - METAL HEALTH (BANG YOUR HEAD) 1983: DANGER ZONE - GONNA HAVE A RIOT DEMO TRACKS: THUNDERBIRD - LOVE'S A BITCH - LET'S GET CRAZY. Cover artwork and more information can be found at QUIET RIOT On The Web at this location:


Upcoming January Releases:

GREENHOUZE "Greenhouze" 24.01.2005
RHAPSODY SWEDEN "Strange Vibrations" 24.01.2005
MPG "Martie Peters Group" 31.01.2005

Upcoming February Releases:

SHY "Sunset And Vine" 07.02.2005
PEO "Look What I've Started" 14.02.2005
SEVEN WISHES "Destination: Alive" 21.02.2005



Frontiers Records is honored to announce that former RAINBOW and DEEP PURPLE singer, now successful solo artist, JOE LYNN TURNER has joined the label's roster ! Joe Lynn is currently very busy putting finishing touches to the new studio album entitled "Usual Suspects" which is being recorded in New York under the direction of longtime partner and friend Bob Held. The production will be completed in early December for a release scheduled in February 2005. Joe Lynn says about the new album: "It's coming along great. it's melodic rock. very commercial,  with integrity, like a Foreigner 4 with a little Journey mixed in, but still has its tough edges !".


"Soul Mover" the highly anticipated new studio album from the "Voice of Rock", GLENN HUGHES has been finally completed ! The album will be including the following tracks (not final tracklisting): Soul Mover; She Moves Ghostly; Change Yourself; High Road; Let It Go; Dark Star; Miss Little Insane; Land of The Living; Isolation; Last Mistake; Orion; Don't Let Me Bleed. Glenn says: "This album, in my opinion, is simply the finest work I have ever recorded! I am extremely excited about this release and next year I will be very busy promoting this cd!". The lineup on the cd also includes Red Hot Chili Pepper's Chad Smith special guest on all drums, while Chili Peppers' guitarist Dave Navarro is appearing on the title track and first single "Soul Mover". The two of them are also appearing on the video of the song which will be included as a special bonus on the album.

PANGEA - Guitarist Wanted!

Guitarist in Pangea?  Opportunity is knocking The hardrock band Pangea have their third album ready for release but need a gunslinger to complete the band again. Are you cool? ...stabil? ...ready to join an already established band on  equal terms? ...where you're not expected to "do everything"? We care more about chemistry and commitment than geografi. That's why we're   looking for the right guy outside of Denmark too. The material is  NOT a walk-over so you MUST have a good grasp on what you can and can't do and your gear must be in order. Previous guitarist can help with getting familiar with the material. (If nessecary!) He is now taking on a new role as our sparring partner... His loss could be your gain! Now you know! Now that you've read this far, continue, find the e-mailadress, and write!

Contact: Tony Olsen - email-

PANGEA III - 9/10 Points
The material is even catchier than in the past, Opener "Hold Your Fire" grabs you by the throat with its 'larger than life' approach and dead catchy chorus."Don't Let Go" may be more about groove while "2 Am" knocks you to the floor with a killer hook. And for 'softheads', check out the pure AOR of "Shoot" for a simple, yet very effective way to write a marvelous hit (yeah baby!). 'III' will simply blow your head clean off.
       Urban "Wally" Wallstrom (ROCKUNITED.COM)

Fatal Smile News!

Fatal Smile Showcase Gig & New Drummer!
Sweden's Fatal Smile will have an exlusive showcase gig at the legendary Kool Kat Club (Stacy, Regeringsgatan 61, Stockholm) on December the 3rd. They are looking for a new label for the release of their second ass kicking album "Neo Natural Freaks" produced by Jonas Östman (Yngwie Malmsteen) and mixed by Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein, Backyard Babies etc...). The band also welcomes TG on drums.For more information, please visit: or:

Lemon New Releases For November

With November comes Lemon Records last news update and therefore our last batch of releases for 2004, but what a bumper month we have for you!  Cherry Red has gone all out this month to ensure we end the year with a bang - we have a whole host of special releases featuring the likes of Billy Childish, Pat Benatar, Paradise Lost, Eater, The Weather Prophets and Dino Valente (to name just a few) - more than enough to see you through to 2005! Check out  for all the info.

MSG - Yet Another fistfight?

MSG have once again brought in Swedish singer Leif Sundin (Great King Rat) to replace Chris Logan; this will allow them to finish their UK/European tour. Logan quit the band on Sunday after allegedly being injured in a fight with someone closely connected with the band (I have a strange feeling of deja vu')

Vixen Is Back In Full Throttle To Rock VH1

Jan Kuehnemund, founder, lead guitarist & songwriter of the 80's all female rock band VIXEN was featured in the August '04 issue
of GUITAR ONE Magazine in the "Now and Then" column. And look what's happening NOW. VIXEN has been invited to film an episode of VH1's "BANDS REUNITED." Airdates will kick off Tues. Nov. 9 with 2 show times @ 11:30/10:30c AM and 10/9c PM. The VH1" Compilation Episode" which also includes VIXEN begins airing Thurs. Nov. 11. The November VH1 programs coincide with EMI's re-release of the first two VIXEN records:  REV IT UP will be out on November 2, while VIXEN, the bands' self-titled first recording, will come out on November 16th.

Also in the spotlight is Jan's side project DRAWING DOWN THE MOON, celebrating the release of its first CD ANGEL IN MY DREAM Dec.4. The lead track on the CD, "Pride," co-written with Stacy Robin and Donna Rawlins of IMAGINARY FRIENDS, is featured in promotions for the national non-profit Step-Up Women's Network. It recently won acclaim as the top song in its category, to be awarded at the 2004 Call to Arts Summit Nov 7. The current line-up of VIXEN recently signed with new management, the Paramour Group, and is planning a Spring 2005 tour. The group is actively writing and recording, and the first few songs have been completed for a new VIXEN CD. To find out more go to

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Square One support Hanson

Australian melodic rockers SQUARE ONE have just been announced as
support for US band HANSON at the Hifi Bar
in Melbourne next week - Wed 17 Nov 2004.
Hanson return to Australia on the Acoustic Tour to promote their
latest album ' Underneath ' . Having sold 15 million albums worldwide
Hanson are back with a long awaited and more mature third album. They
hand picked Melbourne's Square One as tour support.Due to mass appeal
from long time fans this show has already sold out and there will be
no more added on the whirlwind tour, however , Hanson will be all
over the TV and airwaves in Oz when they arrive here next week .

Square One have also just added a new page to my space and can be
joined at

Square One will have their debut album 'Supersonic' released in 2005.

Paul Hodson - Acoustic Gig - SATURDAY 13th November

Message just in from Paul Hodson ....

"Just a quick note to let you know I will be doing a short acoustic
set at
Legends Niteclub, Staffordshire University, Beaconside, Stafford this
Saturday (13th) November. Admission is free before 9.00 and CHEAP

Bad Way debut album

Spanish newcomers Bad Way are set to enter the studio on November 15
record their debut album, tentatively titled "From Zero to Hero". The
winner of several contests in Spain and guest act for bands like
Texas Terri
and Twisted Sister among others, has become one of the big hopes in
Spanish hard rock circuit. Their last demo, "Like a shot '04", has
raving reviews among magazines and internet sites, and it has even
awarded "Demo of the year" in Spanish rock magazine "Los + Mejores".
this album, Bad Way has prepared 11 songs ranging from new hard rock
Backyard Babies to the new breed sounds of Marvelous 3. "From zero to
will be recorded at Phantom 3000 studios in Barcelona and mastered by
Northrup at Imadjenash Studios, and the release date is scheduled for
end of February. After the release, the band will do an extensive tour
through Spain. For more info, you can go to (English
will be ready soon, sorry), or email

Klaatu*Kon 2005

World Contact Day - Klaatu*Kon 2005

Together in public for the first time in 23 years, the original three
of Klaatu:

John Woloschuk
Dee Long
Terry Draper

Live and in person. Plus special guests.

Saturday, May 7, 2005. Doubletree International Plaza Hotel Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Produced by Fans First Incorporated in
with Bullseye Records of Canada.

This once-in-a-lifetime event will feature - all with the entire
band -
autograph sessions, question and answer sessions, photo sessions, a
meet and
greet, and much much more. Also scheduled for attendees are a fan
mixer, a
charity auction, a guided tour of Klaatu locations all over Toronto,
and more.

Tickets are on sale now at the following prices:

All Good Things pass - $150 Cdn/$115 US
Includes admission to the convention, a reserved seat in the first
two rows for
all Q&A's and video presentations, admission to a special meet &
greet with the
band, your photo taken with all three band members during the meet
and greet,
one free autograph from each of John Woloschuk, Dee Long and Terry
Draper, one
official convention t-shirt, one official convention lanyard, the
convention program, and from Bullseye Records of Canada one copy of
the Sun Set
(the brand new Klaatu box set being released after the convention),
and a promo
poster for the set. Also includes access to any and all ticketed and
non-ticketed extra events planned in the future for this convention.

True Life Hero pass - $100 Cdn/$75 US
Includes admission to the convention, a reserved seat for all Q&A's
and video
presentations, one free autograph from each of John Woloschuk, Dee
Long and
Terry Draper, access to a photo session with all three band members,
official convention lanyard, the official convention program, and
from Bullseye
Records of Canada a promo poster for the Sun Set (the brand new
Klaatu box set
being released after the convention). Also includes access to any
and all
ticketed and non-ticketed extra events planned in the future for this

For more information and to buy tickets, visit

For more information on Klaatu's back catalogue and the new Sun Set
released, please visit

The official Klaatu website is at

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

No RockUnited.Com update this week!

..but we'll make a triumphant return next week. Look out for an
interview with Kingdom Come, reviews of Pride of Lions, Anthrax,
Evidence One...

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

JUDGE who? Jackson?

(Press Release) California country fried southern rockers JUDGE JACKSON will release their third album, 'One Diamond' on November 2 through Curtis Joe Records / Dreamscape Music Group. Comprised of ten songs laced with piss and vinegar, 'One Diamond' is a 41 minute ride through Tesla's backyard with Lynyrd Skynyrd behind the wheel. Tracks such as ""King" and "Salvation" scream out at you while the album's first single, "Amazing" and "Matt's Song" (written in memory of a fan who passed away) hit the listener in the heart with meaningful lyrics and memorable melodies. Hailing from Los Angeles, the quintet formed in 1995 when lead vocalist Todd McTavish met guitarist Lee Jackson through a mutual friend. The duo started writing together almost immediately and sensing a special magic existed between the two of them they began the process of putting Judge Jackson together. The band played the famed LA club circuit for the better part of the ninties and released their debut album in 1998..

Now, with 'One Diamond' the band has reached a new plateau in their career, earning the respect of their peers and industry insiders alike. "I've always thought that if you have the 4 p's - product, passion, perseverance and patience people will begin to take notice. We've always concentrated on delivering good material and that's what has gotten us noticed by the movers and shakers in the business." Judge Jackson are: Todd McTavish - Lead vocals, Lee Jackson - Guitars, Tyler Nelson - Guitars, Ryan Rogers - Bass, Chris Pendelton - Drums. More information at


The recordings for Hubi Meisel's next concept album were recently completed and during the next few months Hubi will work on the mixdown in his studio in Munich. Line-up:

Hubi Meisel - vocals
Vivien Lalu - keys (Shadrane)
Marcel Coenen - guitars (Sun Caged)
Jorge Salán - guitars (José Andrea, Mago de Oz)
Daniel Flores  - drums (Mind's Eye)
Johan Niemann - bass (Therion)

MISTHERIA - "Messenger of the Gods"+++
Mistheria's long-awaited album "Messenger of the Gods" (Lion Music) is out now! This great album features a huge array of renowned guest-musicians such as Rob Rock, Anders Johansson (Hammerfall), George Bellas, Matt Bissonette (Joe Satriani) and Barry Sparks (Dokken), just to name a few. Hubi Meisel has recorded lead vocals for the last track "Eternity", which can be previewed in the audio section of Hubi's homepage:
The CD is also available at the online shop! More information, new MP3s & photos on

Century news

Century Media Records is honored to announce the worldwide signing of a multi-album deal with Greek melodic power metal band FIREWIND. FIREWIND's label debut and third album in their career will be entitled "Forged By Fire" and is set for a January 24th, 2005 release date in Europe... Read more >>>


DIECAST- Big tour with Agnostic Front & Terror

DIECAST have just finished their video for "Medieval" with director Dale Resteghini (Shadows Fall, FearFactory, Hatebreed) and will go on the US RadioTakeover tour in Nov/Dec 04 with their labelmates Devilinside as well as E-Town Concrete and Twelve Tribes. But even when that's done, they won't have much time to rest -- in February 2005 they will also come over the ocean to tour Europe for the first time ever...Read more >>>

RHAPSODY SWEDEN released in January:

RHAPSODY SWEDEN was formed as a 4-piece band back in 1974: Kjell-Åke Noren, Benny Ahlqvist, Rudolf Janszky, Torbjörn Persson. 1977 the band was joined by Peter Åhs on keyboard and the same year was fairly successful for the band and they were booked on tons of gigs in Sweden and Scandinavia. Later the same year they were also booked on a tour in Hungary for a month with over 25 gigs. They did TV-shows and a radio show for the national Hungarian radio and TV. When they came back from Hungary they continued to play concerts in Sweden and the album became a hit on the chart and the album is still cult-rated for the Swedish hardrock/pomp/aor - audience. The re-release on MTM CLASSIX is featuring two brand new songs as bonus tracks
and is scheduled for January 2005.