Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Italian Drum Queen Introduces Her New Band

-- The Spins, the new electro-pop project of Alessia Mattalia - the most renowned Italian female drummer - will release their first EP "Hello Baby" on November 15. "The keyboardist writes fine music, played by a stunning drummer and an enviable singer," Musica, weekly magazine of Italian newspaper La Repubblica writes. The Spins is an Italian female fronted pop band formed in March this year by Alessia Mattalia, the most well-known female drummer in Italy. Along with the only Italian woman ever
featured by Modern Drummer magazine (!), the band consists of Marcello Giordano on keyboards, 17 year old singer Elisabetta
Beiletti from Puerto Rico and two of the busiest Italian session musicians, Michele Manzo on bass and Andrea Fantuzzi.

Consisting of musicians with as diverse influences as Toto, The Beatles, The Who and Kraftwerk, The Spins is one of them lucky groups of people who don't have the harassing thought of 'making a hit'. "This way, you can focus on art, experimenting musical solutions that not necessarily are commercial, but can explain the desire of the artist to attempt to make real music," keyboard player Marcello Giordano explains. "At least this is what we are aiming at." "Judging from my students, I'm different because I still practice every day, and I think that the worst thing for a musician is to succeed without being a decent player," Alessia Mattalia adds. "Am I wrong? In any case, in Italy I'm quite often referred to as 'the queen of double bass drum', even though I don't feel as 'metallic' as I have been described sometimes." "Hello Baby" will be available through from November 15.