Wednesday, November 17, 2004

PANGEA - Guitarist Wanted!

Guitarist in Pangea?  Opportunity is knocking The hardrock band Pangea have their third album ready for release but need a gunslinger to complete the band again. Are you cool? ...stabil? ...ready to join an already established band on  equal terms? ...where you're not expected to "do everything"? We care more about chemistry and commitment than geografi. That's why we're   looking for the right guy outside of Denmark too. The material is  NOT a walk-over so you MUST have a good grasp on what you can and can't do and your gear must be in order. Previous guitarist can help with getting familiar with the material. (If nessecary!) He is now taking on a new role as our sparring partner... His loss could be your gain! Now you know! Now that you've read this far, continue, find the e-mailadress, and write!

Contact: Tony Olsen - email-

PANGEA III - 9/10 Points
The material is even catchier than in the past, Opener "Hold Your Fire" grabs you by the throat with its 'larger than life' approach and dead catchy chorus."Don't Let Go" may be more about groove while "2 Am" knocks you to the floor with a killer hook. And for 'softheads', check out the pure AOR of "Shoot" for a simple, yet very effective way to write a marvelous hit (yeah baby!). 'III' will simply blow your head clean off.
       Urban "Wally" Wallstrom (ROCKUNITED.COM)