Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Crue releases Simple Plan song

The new Motley Crue single, "If I Die Tomorrow," is actually a leftover song from Simple Plan's recording sessions for its latest album, "Still Not Getting Any..." The common denominator is Bob Rock, who produced the Crue's new material after completing work with the Montreal rock band. "It's pretty dope to be thinking that such a influential huge band chose to work on a song that we wrote, for their comeback, their greatest hits package and their reunion tour. It's pretty amazing," says Simple Plan
drummer Chuck Comeau, who co-writes Simple Plan's songs with singer Pierre Bouvier. "They just shot a video. The song's going to radio. It's pretty mind-blowing." After Rock produced Simple Plan's follow-up to the 2002's 1.7 million selling debut, "No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls," he went to work with the reformed Motley Crue line-up (Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Mick Mars).
Knowing the metal band was looking for new songs to add to its 2-CD anthology, "Red, White & Crue," Rock brought "If I Die Tomorrow" with him.

"It's fun that we wrote the song and we loved it when we wrote it but it didn't really sound like it belonged on the album," says Comeau. "After our project, (Bob) was going to work with Motley Crue on like four new songs and they were looking for people to the write with and looking for songs, so Bob played them the song and they really liked it. (Bassist) Nikki Sixx worked on some stuff on it, changed a few lines, then they recorded it. It's the original line-up that recorded it, and we're really stoked about it. "Even as we were making this record, when we decided to (use) Bob Rock, we totally went back to his catalogue and listened to Metallica records and Motley Crue records and Aerosmith records, all these great rock bands that had such an impact on the history of music. It was cool to see what Bob did before.

"There are some really rad catchy songs that (Motley Crue) made and it's pretty powerful. The production is great. They just had big hits. Every band that starts playing wants to be like a little bit like Motley Crue. The act is a legend and they have such a good time." Sometimes too good of a time. In fact, Comeau says Motley Crue's rendition of "If I Die Tomorrow" entirely changes its meaning. The song title is the same, but the lyric was originally about "finding somebody so cool he can touch them all," and now it's a bit more rock 'n' roll. "We all read (Crue biography) The Dirt and how they basically lived on the edge and they really put the envelope of life itself by their actions, and walking on the edge of dying and waking up with needles in their arms. (The song is) almost about life now -- I live my life to the fullest and to the extreme, and I did it all, so if I die tomorrow, it's okay," says Comeau.
Sixx didn't alter much, says Comeau, just a few lines in the verse and some other minor things, but it was enough to give the band a piece of the publishing. "Anytime you write a song with anybody, you have to figure out how you split it up, and it was really chill with them and cool. They could have been jerks and said, 'We're Motley Crue. We gotta take this.' But they're not like that at all. They were always gentlemanly. It was awesome."