Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Magellan Finish Recording of New Album "SYMPHONY FOR A MISANTHROPE"

Magellan has finished the recording of the new Magellan Album entitled "SYMPHONY FOR A MISANTHROPE". Inside Out has not yet announced the release date.   Album title:  "SYMPHONY FOR A MISANTHROPE"
1. Symphonette
2. Why Water Weeds?
3. Wisdom
4. Cranium Reef Suite
part one: "Youthful Enthusiasm"
part two: "Psych 101"
part three: "Primal Defense"
5. Pianissimo Intermission
6. Doctor Concoctor
7. Every Bullet Needs Blood

Check the website (
http://www.magellanweb.com) in the next days for further details.