Friday, December 03, 2004

RIBSPREADER... the 2nd attack


Swedish Death Metal slaughterhouse RIBSPREADER (with Dan Swanö in their ranks) recently finished the recordings of their 2nd album. The new album is titled 'Congregating the Sick' and it's the follow up to their very successful debut 'Bolted to the Cross" (released in April 2004 on New Aeon Media), that received excellent reviews and a lot of coverage in the worldwide media.
Congregating the Sick was recorded and mixed at Soundlab Studio by Mieszko Talarczyk (a.o. Nasum, Rotten Sound & Insision). The album was mastered at The Room by Dan Swanö. In an official statement the band comments the following on the new album :

" We´ve put together a bunch of new yet oldschool sounding songs, and without talking shit they all blow our previous material to pieces. It´s at all times both faster, slower, heavier, sicker and more eager to rip your flesh than anything we've done and the brutality reeks from tracks like ' Not Dead but Buried', 'Maggots (fucking Maggots)' and 'Worms Inside your Coffin'. To keep the spirit of oldschool Death Metal alive, we decided this time to not only record an album very soon after the debut but also make it even harder and more kick ass. Everyone into 'Bolted to the Cross' will definitely enjoy this new piece of rancid Death Metal and everyone into even dirtier and uglier stuff will be also be satisfied ."
Complete tracklist of Congregating the Sick:

Autopsy Obsessed
Morbid Reflections
Bleeding You Dry  (MP3)
Breeding Sickness
Dead to the World
Maggots (fucking Maggots)
Worms Inside your Coffin
Not Dead but Buried
The Crawling

- Congregating The Sick is scheduled for an April 2005 release through Karmageddon Media.
- Fore more info check the band's official website :