Monday, January 17, 2005

Century Media News:

The deathship conquers new shores! Sweden's blackest of the black, NAGLFAR, have signed a new worldwide record contract with Century Media Records. Their new album, tentatively titled "Pariah", is currently being recorded at Ballerina Studios in the band's hometown of Umea.  Read more >>>

DARK TRANQUILLITY - New Song online / Video Message from Band / Touring!
On November 15th 2004 DARK TRANQUILLITY's new "Lost To Apathy EP" was released through Century Media Records and received praise all over the globe, even managing to enter the official Swedish single charts at a very good position 47. Now it's about time to introduce the upcoming seventh studio album "Character", to be released January 24th 2005. Expect the best - because you'll get the best... Read more >>>

NAPALM DEATH - Guests on album!
More details unfold about NAPALM DEATH's upcoming album "The Code Is Red. Long Live The Code" which will hit European shops April 25th: Word has already spread about guests in the studio who laid down some backing-vocals for the album: Jello Biafra, Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) and Jeff Walker (Carcass).

All of us have followed the horrible catastrophe that happened December 26th across the Indian ocean when the tsunami hit countries like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and even Bangladesh, the Maldive Islands, Somalia and Tanzania. We assume that no further words are needed to explain why NAPALM DEATH had the idea to release a charity single.

GRAVE - Greetings from the road!
As already mentioned in the last newspiece, Swedish death metal godfathers are currently on tour in order to promote their latest effort "Fiendish Regression". Just click on the link to watch a video message from GRAVE to all death metal Maniacs: