Thursday, January 20, 2005


DARE live CD and on DVD:
DARE performed an unforgettable live show at the DEEP IMPACT Open Air in Munich 2004. MTM MUSIC filmed the show which is currently authored and edited and features songs from the latest album "Beneath The Shining Water", "Belief" and of course some older material from "Blood From Stone". The concert will be available in a live CD version and on a DVD. More details soon.

FATE "Scratch'N Sniff" re-released on MTM CLASSIX:
Before FATE is returning with a brandnew album we are re-releasing "Scratch'N Sniff". After the re-release of the long time ago sold out debut album "A Matter Of Attitude" and the first live performance after a long time on the DEEP IMPACT Open Air festival in Munich MTM CLASSIX is re-releasing "Scratch'n Sniff" remastered and with two unreleased bonus tracks. Fans are waiting for a glorious comeback!