Thursday, January 27, 2005

Darren Smith Band (Harem Scarem)

As already announced former HAREM SCAREM drummer Darren Smith has finished work on his long awaited solo project. The band will be released under the band name DARREN SMITH BAND feat. Darren Smith (Vocals, Guitars), Mike Hall lead guitar (Killer Dwarfs, Helix), Stan Miczek bass (Honeymoon Suite, SassJordan) and Pat Carrano (Drums). HAREM SCAREM main man Harry Hess has produced the album for Darren, who stands up as a frontman himself for this release. When deciding to forgo
drumming duties, Darren's only choise for the role was friend Pat Carrano, an unseen gem up until this point. The music of DARREN SMITH BAND is described as swinging back to simpler times in Rock 'n' Roll and has stepped outside the trappings of politics and religion. Darren Smith: "Life is about working hard and having fun and my band has embodied these ideals and delivers, to those of us who still look to the easier points of life, a message that will help keep our heads in a world that seems to be crashing in all around us. Music is a lot of things and escape seems the finest of them all." The album is scheduled for March
7th on MTM MUSIC and features two European bonus track.