Saturday, January 08, 2005

Frontiers News

Headrush is one of the most exciting new hard rock bands ever to come out from Italy ! Mastermind is renowned guitar wizard Alex De Rosso (ex Dokken) who joined forces with Labyrinth singer Roberto Tiranti with the precise task to create the ultimate hard rock band ever to come out from Italy. The inception of the recording happened in the summer 2004 when Alex started to write the material in cooperation with Pat Scalabrino, producer and discoverer of such bands as Labyrinth, Eldritch and Vision Divine. The music raised the interest from Roberto and together with Dave Fini on drums and Mauro Catellani on bass the line-up was soon completed. The Headrush debut album will be released on Frontiers Records on March the 21st 2004 and in Japan via King Records and is going to be an absolute and unmissable affair for all the lovers of the classic Lynch Mob, Dokken with hints of the more melodic Labyrinth moments.


Check out the mp3 sample of: Fooling Myself Again !




To start her 10th Anniversary year, Lana Lane will release a new studio album tentatively scheduled for a European release on Frontiers Records on April 11th 2005 entitled "Lady Macbeth", a symphonic rock concept album based on the famous "Macbeth" play by vanguard English poet, William Shakespeare. Lana Lane herself bears no resemblance whatsoever to the dark and sinister character of Lady Macbeth, but the drama and power of the subject matter provide a fantastic background for a compelling album of heavy symphonic rock music. Basic tracks for the album were recorded in December 2004 at Sound Park Studio in Schiedam, The Netherlands under the direction of keyboard wizard and producer Erik Norlander with Peer Verschuren (guitar), Ernst Van Ee (drums) and Kristoffer Gildenlöw (bass). Lana has toured with Dutch drummer Ernst Van Ee and guitarist Peer Verschuren for a few years now, and it has turned out to be a great musical family with a strong Euro - American sound. While Peer played some parts on Lana's 2003 "Winter Sessions" album, this new "Lady Macbeth" album will be the first time that Peer and Ernst are featured throughout the whole album.


Kristoffer Gildenlöw is a new addition to the Lana Lane family. He is a Swedish bass player from the well-known prog metal band Pain of Salvation who are label mates of Lana's in Japan. Lana and keyboardist / husband Erik Norlander have known Kristoffer socially for a few years also and his wife is a Dutch journalist and an old friend of theirs as well. Lana and Erik have been looking to assemble an all-European band for touring purposes in Europe, and Kristoffer is the last member to complete the package. Tracks for "Lady Macbeth" are currently being completed at producer Erik Norlander's studio in Los Angeles with additional brilliant performances from Don Schiff (NS/Stick), Mark McCrite (guitar, harmony vocals), Neil Citron (guitar) and Kelly Keeling (harmony vocals). The music of "Lady Macbeth" is said to be something of a blending of Lana's "Secrets of Astrology" and "Project Shangri-La" albums, and of course Lana always brings something entirely fresh to each new album as well.




The danish simphonic / power metal band, led by former Royal Hunt singer Henrik Brockmann and guitar wizard Henrik Flyman is busy putting finishing touches to the new album entitled "Theatrical Madness". Once again some very special guest will appear in the recording :   André Andersen (Royal Hunt) - lead keyboard Richard Andersson (Time Requiem, Space Odyssey) - lead keyboard   Mikkel Jensen - lead keyboard


The band will also appear live in support of Cornerstone in Copenhagen on February 12th 2005 at The Rock Club.

Further info can be asked at:

The Rock, Skindergade 45-47, DK-1159 København, Denmark

T.: +45 33 91 39 13

F.: +45 33 91 49 15


Release date of “Theatrical Madness” is tentatively scheduled for April 11th 2005 on Frontiers Records in Europe.




Brazen Abbot mastermind Nikolo Kotzev is very busy in putting the finishing touches to the new studio album. He is currently recording a 31 piece string orchestra which will be used almost entirely throughout the new Brazen Abbot album enriching the arrangements and making the cd the most ambitious ever for the Brazen Abbot trademark. The recordings are taking place in Sofia, Bulgaria with "The Sofia String Orchestra". Mixing of the album will start as planned - around January 10th and the Frontiers Records hopes to release the new record in late spring 2005.




Get ready to enjoy one of the greatest new bands ever signed by Frontiers Records! Blending the power of metal and majestic melodies this new supergroup formed by four well known names of the hard rock / metal scene are going to take the world by storm on march 21st! Frontiers Records can assure the fans that this year will be by far the best ever in the label's history with exciting new signings and productions. More announcements will follow in the coming weeks !