Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Majestic Rock 'Sense Your Darkness' with KINRICK

Majestic Rock records are extremely pleased and very proud to be able to introduce to the world the most exciting development in power metal for a very long time with the release of the debut album from American act Kinrick this March. Kinrick features the formidable talents of former Firewind/Kenziner vocalist Stephen Fredrick and guitarist Corbin King (Vainglory). Adding their considerable weight to proceedings are Pagan's Mind/ Firewind drummer Stian Kristofferson and Zanister bassist James Martin. The album 'Sense Your Darkness' was produced by US guitar legend David T. Chastain, who says of the project:

"Corbin and Stephen basically live in the same part of Atlanta and I had to get them into a band together for both logistical and talent reasons. I knew if we combined Corbin's heavy riffs with Stephen's unique melodic power vocals that the end results would be amazing. I was not disappointed.". The album is released through Majestic Rock in Europe on March 28th and in Japan on March 30th.