Thursday, January 27, 2005

March 21st release - FINAL FRONTIER "High Tension Wire"

- Final Frontier is a melodic rock band made up of very talented and experienced Canadian musicians. Singer Rob Moratti has made a reputation singing on a band named after his second name (MORATTI) and for his solo projects. Guitarist and producer Mladen played several years with VON GROOVE, Triumph and 24K, while Lawrence Falcomer comes from the band SONIC X.

Michael Shotton (of Von Groove fame) plays drums.   - A pure AOR release made by the book. Catchy refrains, lots of uptempo songs with great hooks, typical 80´s keyboards, splendid harmony vocals in the best possible way and gorgeous songs that would've been huge hits back in the 80´s when music like this ruled the world. A cross between Journey and Styx - pure AOR magic !


- Sound samples:

High Tension Wire

Two Different Worlds

The Beauty and The Beast