Friday, January 07, 2005

New CD By Miss Kristin

(San Jose, CA) -- 2 High 2 Die with Big Fuss Records is proud to announce the newest release from singer/songwriter Miss Kristin, entitled The Secret of Your Heart. This marks the third release by Miss Kristin and follows on the success of her previous CD "Trouble Child". Her new release hit stores and online retailers January 3, 2005. The 10 tracks on The Secret of Your Heart comprise a commentary on passion and relationships.  With this theme as her palette, Miss Kristin delivers deft compositions that range from the in-your-face "Love You Later", in which she takes control of a relationship on her own terms, to "Let Me Show You My Love", a song of reconciliation and support ("I'll make sunshine out of rain . . . ").  Blessed with a vocal versatility that matches
the emotional spectrum of her songwriting, Miss Kristin's voice can be likened to a cross between Pat Benatar and Grace Slick,
while remaining wholly her own.

She also displays her soft side on several tracks, using her affecting vocals to draw the listener into another world. Miss
Kristin composed all 10 songs and displays her talents on production, arrangement and rhythm guitar on The Secret of Your
Heart.  The CD offers a rich collection of ballads, dance songs and poignant moments such as with the hauntingly beautiful
"Stardust".  At turns provocative, comforting, yearning and confrontational, The Secret of Your Heart reflects on themes that touch us all. Find the CD at: and