Tuesday, January 18, 2005

STARBREAKER IS COMING... March 21st 2005 !!!!

"Paradise is waiting, for the chosen few...": the Judas Priest song "Starbreaker" seems like the perfect introduction to the new sensational band fronted by TNT vocalist Tony Harnell, who recruited some of the hottest musicians around to build up the perfect contemporary melodic metal machine! Most fans of melodic hard rock are aware of Tony's credentials as the front man in TNT, Westworld and Morning Wood to name a few. An original voice with an extraordinary range and an emotional delivery that can blow your head off as easily as it can melt your heart. He uses all of it and more with STARBREAKER! Magnus Karlsson is the Swedish guitar master who revealed himself on three Last Tribe studio albums and most recently penning the songs and performing on the massive Lande / Allen studio project to be released later in 2005 on Frontiers Records.

Fabrizio Grossi is one of the busiest producers in the rock world nowadays. He has recently worked with the likes of Glenn Hughes/Chad Smith and Dave Navarro, House of Lords, Slash, Ice T / Body Count, George Clinton / P-Funk and played bass with a countless number of artists spanning from Steve Vai to Nina Hagen. He lives in Los Angeles, he's a 100% Italian pulsating rhythm machine who creates a perfect team with fellow John Macaluso. He's one of the most seasoned drummers and musicians who worked already with Harnell being part of TNT's line-up on the "Realized Fantasies" album in 1992. Since then he has worked with plenty of artists and bands including Riot, Yngwie Malmsteen and Ark. "Starbreaker", the self titled debut album is finally ready to unleash itself on an unsuspecting public on March 21st 2005 on Frontiers Records with a Japanese release on King Records. You have never heard Harnell singing so heavy and aggressive, still the album is a melodic metal milestone that encompasses passionate thought provoking lyrics and intricate yet dynamic musical landscapes. This album is going to appeal to fans of classic Judas Priest and Queensryche and of course TNT as well.

Singer Tony Harnell admits: "I am convinced that this album will turn heads, shatter ears and crush hearts. This is probably the most special thing I have been involved with for years" continues Harnell, "it is a blend of traditional and contemporary hard rock/metal that has never been done like this before. It's heavy, epic, majestic and hugely melodic. I am a big fan of this music, this is an album I would probably buy myself!". Producer and bandmate Fabrizio Grossi adds: "Tony and John  were cornerstones in my shaping up and the "swede" was a great icing on this cake. I enjoyed doing this like I only  did when I was 20 and not really making a living with music. I really hope this will inspire lots of people out there as much as it did to me and if this will be the last work I 'd do as a musician in a band effort, I could definitely die happy !!!!"

Check out now the first mp3 sample of "Lies"  (<--- click to play sample)