Sunday, January 16, 2005



After all the turmoil of 2004, we are happy to announce that
Stratovarius has reunited with the classic line-up: Timo Tolkki, Timo
Kotipelto, Jörg Michael, Jari Kainulainen and Jens Johansson.

Since his breakdown in April, we have patiently been waiting for
Timo Tolkki's health to improve. It has been, and since about 6 weeks
he has been strong enough to go back to work.

Also during the past months, after much talk, soul-searching and
reflection most of the damage within the band has been repaired. The
rest of us now understand Timo's condition, and have slowly come to
terms with it. There has been forgiveness, and everyone has a good
relationship again.

Many of the immense problems we were facing have now found
concrete solutions.

Lastly, we can announce that work is already in progress on
completely new material.