Friday, January 14, 2005

Sweden's NAGLFAR sign new worldwide deal with Century Media Rec.

The death ship sails the blackest seas again

The deathship conquers new shores!


Sweden's blackest of the black, NAGLFAR, have signed a new worldwide record contract with Century Media Records. Their new album, tentatively titled "Pariah", is currently being recorded at Ballerina Studios in the band's hometown of Umea. A wise decision as both preceding albums, "Diabolical" and "Sheol", had been recorded in this studio and gave the band's razor sharp sound its keen edge. "Pariah" will be released in Spring 2005 and the new material promises to solidify NAGLFAR's reputation as one of the best - if not the best - bands in their musical genre. The expectations are of course high as the band's last masterpiece "Sheol" received excellent feedback without exception all over the globe, i.e. achieving the highest praise from the press - Album Of The Month in Legacy (D) and Heavy, Oder Was!? (D), or 10 out of 10 points Rock Hard (D), to name just a few -- and climbing to top ten positions in the reader's year-end polls of various magazines.   


 NAGLFAR, who had rewritten the rules of black metal with their debut "Vittra" in 1995 (this album ranks amongst the 300 best metal albums of all time in Rock Hard magazine) and have released the most brutal album of 1998 with their second output "Diabolical" (featuring immortal classics like "The Brimstone Gate" or the infamous "Horncrowned Majesty"), have always had a high standing in the black and death metal scene, which fully manifested itself with their last album "Sheol", gaining the band many more fans than ever before.  According to this history, it is no surprise that "Pariah" is one of the most-awaited albums in the metal scene this year. But from a band that has always delivered the highest quality, one can expect that "Pariah" will again be a damn classic of pure melodic Swedish black metal that will break the competition's neck.


Although the final tracklist is still to be announced, "Pariah" will contain the following tracks:


A Swarm Of Plagues

Revelations Carved In Flesh

And The World Shall Be Your Grave

Suffering To The Conquered

Carnal Scorn & Spiritual Malice

The Perpetual Horrors


Additional info on the other songs will follow soon.


Both band and label are very happy about the new deal. In order to give the cooperation a perfect start and also to pre-promote the new album, NAGLFAR will tour together with Finland's off-the-wall heroes of FINNTROLL in April 2005. Everyone who missed NAGLFAR on their last tour with labelmates Into Eternity will soon have the opportunity to fill this gap of cultural education.


At this point NAGLFAR would also like to mention that there has been a change in the line-up. As singer Jens Rydén has to focus on his studies in the next two years, bass player Kristoffer Olivius will take care of vocal duties. To meet the requirements of a vocalist and front man, Kris will pass on his bass to Morgan Lie, a friend of the band, who will play the complete tour with Finntroll.


A statement about the current situation from the band's side as well as from Jens will be posted on the new Naglfar website,, very soon.


As you can see, a lot is happening in "The Cold Voids Of Eternity" of Umea. Just a bit more patience is required until the next black metal storm will be raging above this world. Until then we will keep you updated on the news.


Naglfar on tour with Finntroll and Amoral:

Presented by Legacy Magazine (D)


07. April 05 (D) Jena - F House
April 05 (D) Berlin - K17
09. April 05 (D) Giebelstadt - Turnhalle
10. April 05 (D) Rosenheim - Lokschuppen
April 05 (CZ) Praha - Blach Pess
April 05 (SL) Nitra - Stara Peraken
April 05 (H) Budapest - Mega Club
14. April 05 (A) Vienna - Arena
15. April 05 (A) Linz - Posthof
17. April 05 (I) Roma - Alpheus
18. April 05 (CH) Arrau - Kiff
April 05 (F) Montpellier - Rockstore
20. April 05 (E) Barcelona - Mephisto
21. April 05 (E) Madrid - Ritmo & Compas
22. April 05 (E) Granada - El Tren
April 05 (E) Irun - Tunk
27. April 05 (NL) Eindhoven - Effenaar
28. April 05 (NL) Amsterdam - Melkweg
29. April 05 (NL) Groningen - Vera
May 05 (UK) London - Underworld
05. May 05 (UK) Milton Keynes - The Pitz