Saturday, January 01, 2005


About 150 of the biggest names in rock and hard rock from Sweden have recorded a song that will be released in a couple of weeks on a special DVD to raise money through the Red Cross for the victims of the horrible earthquake and flood disaster in Asia. The song "Where Is The Fire" (written by Tommy Denander, Bjorne Lindbom and Bernt Ek) was originally recorded a few years ago for the victims of 9/11 but was pulled from that project as we found it not serious enough, the song has been kept in a vault with the intension of donating it if and when something horrible would happend again....well, it doesn't get much worse than this. As you're all aware the death toll is over 150 000 people and that will not be the final number!!!. The need for money has never been bigger.

This special DVD will include a documentary of how the song was recorded, a music video of the song plus 10-15 never before shown or very rare videos with great bands like Europe (we might get a never berfore seen video clip), Talisman (never before seen live clip), Talk Of The Town (Free Lika An Eagle), Lions Share, Pain and lot's of other great stuff.

The song "Where is The Fire" features Mikkey Dee, Tommy Nilsson, Jan Johansen, Stefan Andersson Thomas Vikstrom, Goran Edman, Matti Alfonsetti, Geir Ronning, Mats Leven, and members from Europe, 220 V, Ace's High, A.C.T, Alien, Amaze Me, Bad Habit, Baltimoore, Bedlam, Black Ingvars, Brazen Abbot, Cinema, Clockwise, Damned Nation, Debase, Dogface, Easy Action, Eclipse,
Evan, Evergrey, The Forsaken, Fortune, Gaeleri, Glory, Great King Rat, Hammerfall, Hardcore Superstar, House Of Shakira, Humanimal, Inhale, Insania, Jet Circus, Johansson Brothers, Last Tribe, Lions Share, Lizzy Borden, Locomotive Breath, Madison, Yngwie Malmsteen, Million, Mister Kite, Narnia, John Norum, Nostradameus, Pain, Pathos, Prisoner, Radioactive, Rainmaker, Pete Sanberg, Sayit, Seven Wishes, Sha-boom, Shotgun Messiah, Skintrade, Street Talk, Talisman, Talk Of The Town, Tiamat, Treat, Wisdom Call, Zinny Zan and more...

It will be sold for a special price of 100 skr (11 Euro or 15 Dollar) and every cent of the profit will be given to the Red Cross. It will be available through several mail order shops in Europe and hopefully in USA and Japan soon as well. You get a lot of cool stuff on the DVD and it's a very good way of helping so please order it.
Tommy Denander & Bjorne Lindbom
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