Friday, January 21, 2005

Talisman, Glenn Hughes, Khymera - News

Sweden has been one of the countries bringing some of the finest sounds in Hard Rock and Metal music during the past 25 years. Melodies, great lyrics and catchy hooks are the most significant trademarks which have established the "Swedish sound" as a special brand within the musical world. It's no surprise that Talisman in their now 15 years long spinning career have built up their own unique identity, which throughout the years has turned them into one of the most admired bands by hard rock fans all over the world. Hence the time for an overdue celebration comes on March 21st 2005 when Frontiers Records will unleash on the market a double live CD and DVD package encompassing all the adrenaline, excitement and fun surrounding the life and the shows of one of the most successful hard rock bands around.

"The idea of this DVD got started by a simple request from Luk De Roover the Lokerse Feesten promoter", says Talisman bass player Marcel Jacob, "to come do a concert at the festival, where the added incentive was we would receive a beta of the show. Along the way to Lokeren things got added to the big plan - other shows, old videos, bits and pieces from the past and present - making it a sort of documentary in brief of the 15 years or so the band has existed". Two complete shows recorded in the 2003 tour in support of the last studio album "Cats and Dogs" and a complete retrospective featuring behind the scenes footage, all the band's videos and more live recording from different times make "World's Best Kept Secret" double DVD a valuable addition to the fans collections and a first class audiovisual entertainment! The double DVD will be released worldwide in NTSC Region Free format on Frontiers Records while the release in Japan will be handled via Demolition Records. In addition to the DVD Talisman presents a double live cd recording "Five Men Live" including the two full live performances held at the Sweden Rock Festival and at the Club Mondo gigs in the summer 2003.

Monday 24th 2005 marks the official release date in Europe of Glenn Hughes new album "Soul Mover". The album received a very warm response from the whole press and marks a strong return on the spotlight for the "Voice of Rock", thanks also to the participation of the modern rock gods Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Dave Navarro (Jane's Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers) to the recording of the album. At the same time Glenn Hughes is pleased to present the European Soul Mover Tour 2005!

Dates confirmed so far include:

February 2005
11 JB's, Dudley, England
12 Rio's, Bradford, England
13 Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Scotland
15 Mean Fiddler, London, England
16 Waterfront, Norwich, England
17 Leadmill, Sheffield, England
19 Roadmender, Northampton, England
21 Västerås, Prisma, Sweden
23 Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland
25 Stockholm, Mondo, Sweden
26 Karlskrona, Kino, Sweden
27 Gothenburg, Musikens Hus, Sweden

March 2005
01 Malmo, Kulturbolaget, Sweden
02 Pompehuset, Copenhagen, Denmark
03 Faust, Hannover, Germany
04 Zeche, Bochum, Germany
06 Krone Music Club, Frankenthal, Germany
07 Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland
08 Alte Maelzerei, Regensburg, Germany
10 KD Serikova, Plzen, Czech Republic
12 Golem Club, Zlin, Czech Republic
13 A-38, Budapest, Hungary
16 The New Age Club, Roncade (Venice), Italy
18 Transilvania Live, Milan, Italy
19 Ravenna, Italy [TBC]
20 Alpheus, Rome, Italy
24 Pavilion Music Hall, Nicosia, Cyprus
25 Notos Club, Pafos, Cyprus

April 2005
01 Saklikent, Ankara, Turkey [TBC]
02 Yeni Melek Gosteri Merkezi, Istanbul, Turkey [TBC]

Producer Daniele Liverani has completed the recording of the basic tracks of the new Khymera project album to be entitled "A New Promise". Dennis Ward (producer and bass player of Pink Cream 69) is now recording the vocal tracks in Germany for this highly anticipated new AOR release. With this new Khymera album, Daniele is going to introduce the world an incredible guitar talent that he discovered lately: Tommy Ermolli ( He joined the Khymera team and recorded all the guitar tracks for this second album. Daniele has recorded keyboards and bass this time while  drums were performed once again by Dario Ciccioni (Genius). Liverani says: "Tommy will be a huge surprise for all the rock music lovers, not only for his top technique level, but especially for his unbelievable musical maturity, powerful tone, great feeling and melodic style... incredible qualities considering his young age... (he's only 16 years old!)". "This is why" adds Liverani, "I definitely wanted him to join the Khymera lineup to show the world all his potential in this new release!"