Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Wicked Sensation Press Statement

Fernando Garcia no longer singer of WICKED SENSATION

Unfortunately we have to tell you that Fernando is blocked to do his
back to the music business due to his private surrounding.

We knew Fernando as a very nice, humorous and friendly guy who still
has the
same brilliant voice that brought him already success in his days

We just hope that Fernando will sooner or later get back the strengh
will, to get his way and follow his own decisions without beeing
patronized all
the time.

We wish Fernando all the best and hope - in his own sense and in the
mind of
the music scene - that he won`t get lost as a good singer.

If you are a singer youself and think you and your voice could fit
into our
band, don`t hesitate and write us an email at _contact@wicked-

Wicked Sensation